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  1. K

    Soap scents that attract the opposite sex

    Oh, I guess Ancel did answer my question. I just didn't realize that fos meant fragrance oils. :) Thanks Btw, what is the difference between fregrance oils and essential oils?
  2. K

    Soap scents that attract the opposite sex

    I just wanted to clarify that I'm not trying to make soap solely to attract women with it. I'm not an idiot, I realize that women aren't going to be all over me because I smell good to them. I was already planning on making my own soap to begin with, so I figured while I'm making some I might...
  3. K

    Soap scents that attract the opposite sex

    I heard one time that women were attracted to the smell of pumpkin, so I thought I could make myself some soap that smelled like pumpkin. But, on further research it looks like it's actually men not women that are attracted to the smell of pumpkin. So there goes that idea. Btw ladies, I...
  4. K

    Are all the online soap calculators created equal?

    There are so many different soap calculators online - Do they all work the same? I'm not sure which one to go with, or if it even matters. Thanks
  5. K

    Where do you get your oils from?

    I was wondering where you would buy the oils used to make soap from. I personally have never bought any of them except for olive oil which I bought from the grocery store. But, there are so many different kinds of olive oil at the grocery store, I don't know which one to use for soap making...
  6. K

    How do you make a soap that is moisturizing?

    How do you make a soap that is moisturizing? I have been using dove moisturizing soap because unlike the other soaps I try it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or tight and grubby (if you know what I mean). Some soaps actually make me itch. I want to make my own soap because I want to start...
  7. K

    What kind of thermometer do I need?

    Ok, so basically it doesn't matter which kind you use. I guess if that's the case I'll just use a metal meat thermometer.
  8. K

    What kind of thermometer do I need?

    I noticed at the store that they had regular metal meat thermometers (both digital and analog), and they had these big clear thermometers for making candy with. I'm really not sure what kind people use for making soap, or if it really matters. But, I wanted to find our for sure before I...
  9. K

    Advice on make a natural moisturizing soap?

    I'm new to soap making and I want to make my own soap that is natural, has oils that are good for you, and is moisturizing. Natural in the sense that it's made from natural ingredients instead of some of these store baught brands that are not actually soap but detergent bars. With...
  10. K

    Superfatting: How much?

    I can imagine superfating being adjusted on a recipe by recipe basis if you have experience in soap making, but what if you're a newbie like me? As someone with no experience I couldn't even guesstimate, or know around about how much to superfat.
  11. K

    Food grade lye, or regular lye?

    Essential Depot seems to be the name of the company that makes food grade lye. I noticed that it's about 4 or 5 dollars for a 2 lb container depending upon whether you get it from their website or where they're selling it on amazon. Plus it's an additional 11 or 12 dollars to cover shipping...
  12. K

    Food grade lye, or regular lye?

    I've heard someone advise the use of food grade sodium hydroxide for soap making rather than regular sodium hydroxide. Yet, I've read a couple of books on soap making and they just say to use regular lye. They don't mention the food grade version. So I was just wondering which is best to...
  13. K

    Superfatting: How much?

    How do you know how much to superfat in your CP soaps, is there like a recommended percentage?
  14. K

    Is it really necessary to have insurance when selling soap?

    I really don't like the idea of paying over two or three hundred dollars a year for insurance. Is that really necessary when selling soap?
  15. K

    What kind of vinegar do you use for clean up?

    I heard that you have to neutralize the lye left on your utensils after you're done pouring your soap into molds. The lye is apparently still caustic so you either have to wait 24 hours before cleaning the utensils that you used or neutralize the lye with vinegar before washing. And if you...
  16. K

    Difference between making hard soap and liquid soap?

    What is the difference between making hard soap and liquid soap? Is the kind of Lye you use the only difference, or does the recipe change if your making liquid soap? Does it have more water in it, for example, to make it liquidy? I heard that you have to use potassium hydroxide (KOH) when...