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    Pool of liquid in soap mold, Overheating

    I recently made a batch of coconut, olive oil, and aloe vera soap. I used two different types of coconut oil, one was virgin, unrefined and the other was expeller pressed; which together made up 60% of my oil in the batch (and I used an 8% superfat). I decreased the amount of liquid I mixed...
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    Rebatching Question

    I used too high a percentage in the lye calculator. It was about 20%.
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    Rebatching Question

    Thank you so much (:
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    Rebatching Question

    Hi, I recently made some soap and used too much castor oil and ended up with a sticky soap. I want to rebatch it and am not sure how to go about it. Can I make a completely new soap and go about the regular rebatching process (grating it, adding water, etc) for both soaps? By both soaps I...