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    Scared to do hot process. What are the benefits?

    We only do HP. It's not dangerous at all, like was said above, as long as you get a large enough crock pot (assuming you're going to do CPHP). We have a 5 qt. that comfortably holds 70 oz of oils and all our other ingredients with room for expansion. We do CPHP differently than others... we...
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    first hp soap

    How did the bars hold up to cutting so soon? Four hours is a short set time. Also, photos are a must! :-) Lets see your (complex) first HP soap.
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    Need soap planer/beveler - any suggestions?

    I want to ask those of you who purchased the SMR acrylic beveler/planer... are you still using it (after all these years)? Did you find a better one? Build one? Thanks!
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    FAIL: No Shame in Trying & Posting!

    Fixed it for you. :think::twisted: So what do you all think? Is my conclusion accurate from what you can tell?
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    FAIL: No Shame in Trying & Posting!

    No shame in trying something new (standby recipe but with technique modifications), and in showing how we can't win them all. :-) Figure I'll post this to encourage others to not beat themselves up or be ashamed of a batch gone wrong. The Change: Held back a portion of the water from mixing...
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    Soaping From Room Temperature

    Perfect, perfect! This will make soaping after work & dinner so much easier! :thumbup:
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    Soaping From Room Temperature

    Very cool to hear. I masterbatch my oils (I have a set oil recipe for 95% of my soaps), but had not thought of doing the same with lye. Thanks!!
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    Soaping From Room Temperature

    But at what temp is your lye water when you add it to your oils?
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    Soaping From Room Temperature

    Does anyone have experience with soaping from room temperature? Mainly meaning, using lye water that is at an ambient temperature and not warm/hot? If so, what was your process like? Can you melt the oils, mix the cool lye water, then soap from there or are there issues that would present...
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    Please tell me I'm not the only one who's ever done this....

    Sorry to hear this, but you're human. Don't beat yourself up. I gravitated to masterbatching from the start so it's how I roll. I just melt and weigh my oils at time of use. One less thing to think of when the time comes and I have lye water around.
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    Should I make a 500ml mold

    I'll speak to the mold material to be different. ;) That's a neat idea using the sign board, but it's not too cheap in my area--at least not that I have found yet (finding it free negates this argument). It's an awesome idea for small batches and test loafs, for sure, but I wouldn't want to...
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    Posts disappearing?

    Other subforums do, too. I try to keep them in mind, but usually look at the forum sorted by new posts and have messed up a time or two here. SORRY MODS!!! It's not intentional, I promise! :silent:
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    Made my 1st soap!!!

    The zap isn't bad. Not as bad as a 9v battery lick (from what I remember from my childhood at least). In regards to "unmold time", I give my Cold Process soaps at least 24 hours, and try to give a little more, but have never waited more than 48 hours.* My Hot Process soaps get unmolded after...
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    Made my 1st soap!!!

    Kudos to doing research enough ahead of time to know what to expect and then how to react! I always have my supplies ready in the event of an unexpected accelerating batch. Lost a batch one time and learned that lesson quick. ;)
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    You'll find very few of us soapers that feel we have ideal places or times. ;) Welcome!
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    Posts disappearing?

    If you posted before the 3 month / 50 post threshold in the Business Form then the moderators will remove it. Ask me how I know. ;) Personally, I think this should only apply to posting and not replying, but it's their rules.
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    Help! Oil is too hot!!

    How'd the soap turn out? Got some sliced photos? :)
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    why did my soap go brown like the picture?

    Interested to see how this pans out and gets solved. Nice troubleshooting going on in this thread. :think:
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    How do you organize your stuff?

    We're planning to empty a 1/2 full storage shed on our land to convert into a dedicated soaping location, but you know how plans go... :crazy: It's an 8x16 with 12' ceiling, so there's loft space. We'll have to insulate it and probably run a water line down there with a heater, but it's...
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    Yuzu/Kumquat Salt Bars

    Hahaha!! Of course! Why in the world did that one not click with me. LOL Thanks!!