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    The word association game

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    CP Breaks off when cutting them. Why?

    So I just tried "zap test" for the 1st time, it had strange feeling on my tongue but not "zapped" like electric shot. And was able to cut into pieces without bars breaking off (fully thaw worked :) And I do realized I DID add a little clay into the it, as you can see from the bar there are 2...
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    CP Breaks off when cutting them. Why?

    I thought doubling amount of lye for water gives 33%? I used 4.16 oz Lye 8.32oz Cow's milk. 1st cutting was right after freezer, as you can see from the picture. I waited 5 hours to cut again, soap was broke off from the middle like the 1st piece. When I get home tonight I will zap test (I...
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    CP Breaks off when cutting them. Why?

    Thanks for trying to help I realized my recipe sounds so confusing so I edited it lol so 40/60 soft to hard oil results crumbly/flaky soap in general? My lye/milk got cold due to ice bath so i had to reheat it back to 85-90F, oils was at 85-90F as well. Was it the floating fats from lye/milk...
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    CP Breaks off when cutting them. Why?

    I should have written a better for the recipe, Thanks for those of you tried to help I made it so confusing :/. What I meant was I reduced the size of the original recipe. Below is the original recipe: 17oz olive oil 7.75 oz Coconut oil 6.5 oz Sweet Almond oil 5oz Cocoa butter 3.5oz Shea...
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    CP Breaks off when cutting them. Why?

    I got this lovely recipe from a posting in this forum "French Vanilla Latte Soap" only did the soap base, skipped the the coffee additive part. Recipe calls for water, I used cow's milk, so I put soap in freezer for 45 hours to prevent gelling. After removing from freezer and cut the soap it...
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    Unwanted body oil cream mix... what to do now?

    I've made 2 lbs of body butter from some butter and oil and I don't like it. Now I want to make it into soap instead of throwing out this 2 lbs of cream mixture down the drain, but I don't remember the amount of each butter and oil. Any ideas how I can do this? Right now the mixture has a...