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  1. gcfanca

    First Batch

    Well here are the did not turn out step father said it looked like poop and was it was suppose to be purple.. I agree it is not "pretty", but well it could have been much worse, I am curious to see how good of a bar it will be.
  2. gcfanca

    My first soap batches

    :D Great looking soap.
  3. gcfanca

    My first GM soap!

    How cute! Both the soap and cute little girl!
  4. gcfanca

    irresponsible soapers?!!

    I'd never want to sell anything unless I'd test it like crazy first. I am not one to jump into things at all...I'VE seen a few people..just jump into it making lotions without preservatives or not doing it correctly..and well like I said I could never feel right about selling a product I am not...
  5. gcfanca

    About to make 1st salt bars (update- new question)

    Great save they sound really great. Yes, parents mean well..but yeah sometimes yeah... :roll: I was wondering about the salt bars also, it's peeked my interest.
  6. gcfanca

    Multiple Preservatives?

    I received this e-mail from lotion crafters when I asked about using Liquid Germall in a scrub. Yes. It is a water soluble preservative and most scrubs are anhydrous and oil soluble mixtures. This preservative would disperse in the oil soluble mixture and presumably be available for...
  7. gcfanca

    Selling on ETSY

    Hm have you tried Bigcartel,, thousandmarkets?
  8. gcfanca

    Shrink Wrapping ROUNDS?? and....

    Mountain sage has a few guest bar shrink wraps and also bands that work well.
  9. gcfanca

    Best Selling favourite

    Peaks carries it..personally the smell nauseates me but people like it.
  10. gcfanca

    Woohoo! I Got Pics!

    These look really good love the coloring.
  11. gcfanca

    1st try at M&P!!

    Yeah they sweat a bit which I quickly found out the hard way! :shock:
  12. gcfanca

    Soaps this Weekend!

    I love the last one very colorful .
  13. gcfanca

    Finally brave enough to post pics:-)

    I love the yellow very gorgeous what or where did you get the color if you do not mind me asking?
  14. gcfanca

    Coke Soap! HP~ UPDATE Cut Pic

    I am curious to see how it feels!
  15. gcfanca

    My etsy site with pictures

    Haha my boyfriend is a photographer also he keeps telling me to make some that I want photographed. It is amazing how great pictures make a world of difference! Good look.
  16. gcfanca

    Finally Got to make soap

    These look delicious nice and smooth.
  17. gcfanca

    melt & pour soaps

    You made these look amazing! It takes a lot of skill.
  18. gcfanca

    My 1st Soaps

    Wow someone is very talented!!
  19. gcfanca

    Had an interesting experience at Lush today...

    Thanks for all the information..who else sells that is there anyone in America? ^^