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  1. rymalia

    The 4-letter game

    Really, everyone always dies. LIFE
  2. rymalia

    Curing and plastic wrap and Ash

    This is may be a dumb rookie question, but why do folks wrap their soaps in plastic? What is being protected or prevented by adding the plastic wrap?
  3. rymalia

    Doesn’t all soap float?

    Thank you for digging that up! Well now I know better - haha.
  4. rymalia

    Doesn’t all soap float?

    okay, I’ll look back on that. I guess I was thinking that soap being mostly oil would mean that the only reason it doesn’t float is that there’s still a bunch of water in the bar that could evaporate out. But now I’m guessing that theory is way off and I’m about to learn all about it 😂
  5. rymalia

    Doesn’t all soap float?

    Eventually? Once any soap has actually fully cured, wouldn’t they all float?
  6. rymalia

    New User from Utah. Hydrosol distillation and other body products

    I’d love to see your progress in building a still - that sounds fun. I got sort of inspired about hydrosols last week - we had just bout our Christmas tree, and a length of cedar garland, and I wanted to see if I could extract something from the cedar, since it smelled so great. I did a stove...
  7. rymalia

    Introduction! (from your biggest fan)

    Hi, I may have caught the soaping bug. 15 batches in the last 4 weeks... 😁. It’s my new favorite thing to do. And you all are such a great resource and a clearly welcoming community. okay, back to planning for my 16th batch...
  8. rymalia

    Winter soap

    Love the multi-layer style there - did you have to get it to a pretty think trace and sort of spoon it in to get those? I’ve only done simple, straight pencil lines and I’m trying to picture how yours came together.
  9. rymalia

    Stout Ginger Cocoa

    Wow, I thought that was packaging at first - that bleeding from the brown into the light part created a really cool effect, I think. Cheers!