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  1. DiddlyO

    How old is too old?

    hi everyone 😊 I was going to make some soap after a very long hiatus, and found a lot of old castille and Aleppo soaps that I had put away to cure and promptly forgot about. They are nearly 7 years old - if they still look and smell ok, is there any harm in using them? thanks for any input 💐
  2. DiddlyO


    It was me that put my daughter's hair in a shampoo bar - I don't know if it made much of a difference, but it dissolved just fine - maybe even better than silk. She is 8 with gorgeous, pristine red hair, and I just pulled it from her hairbrush (pretty sure all of the chemicals in my hair would...
  3. DiddlyO

    First time question

    I find that my 100% olive oil soaps are tricky to cut if they don't gel - if I don't gel them, I use individual moulds. I haven't found the trick to cutting an ungelled loaf
  4. DiddlyO

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    FO or EO? Been thinking of trying this EO combo - how do you like it?
  5. DiddlyO

    Does mica stain skin?

    Thanks. I've gone crazy with the mica this week so I will find out eventually :-)
  6. DiddlyO

    Bamboo Silk??

    Oh I want to try this too! I have a mulberry tree - can they just live on that or do I need some kind of 'housing' for them?
  7. DiddlyO

    Sea salt using Red Moroccan clay

    That one looks amazing! I'm going to have to find some black salt!
  8. DiddlyO

    Does mica stain skin?

    At all? Does it leave glittery bits?
  9. DiddlyO

    Soap in Freezer

    I'm still to find out if it helps or not, but I've been wrapping mine with a small packet of desiccant. It gets humid here too.
  10. DiddlyO

    Watermelon Soap

    I love watermelon and lime :-)
  11. DiddlyO

    Shampoo Bar Recipe Question

    You could also try shea or cocoa butter.
  12. DiddlyO

    Noobie soap making equipment

    You don't need much to start, just some sodium hydroxide and oil. If you have a favourite handmade soap you can look at the ingredients and play with a lye calculator to see of you can replicate. Anything can be a mold.
  13. DiddlyO

    Fight Club, Finally!

    I've never been a fan of low slung pants on men, but.....
  14. DiddlyO

    Wonderful pine tar soaps!

    Animals metabolise essential oils differently to humans. I would be very careful!
  15. DiddlyO

    lining wooden molds - part 1

    So I called a few X-ray film recycling places (turns out it's a thing), and apparently it's only silver on the film - that's why they recycle it. Also, the 'stuff' is only on one side - one side will be shiny, the other side slightly matte. You want to put the shiny side next to the soap. I'm...
  16. DiddlyO

    lining wooden molds - part 1

    I've just lined my mould with an old X-ray film - any reason this won't work? Will test this out later today and report back.
  17. DiddlyO

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Whoops, double post...
  18. DiddlyO

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I bought some dragons blood fragrance oil yesterday and discovered I'm not a fan either - it smells very powdery and pastel to me... Glad to hear it might change :-)
  19. DiddlyO

    How different oils effect soaps - how to determine which oils are doing what?

    This has been done by a few people, google single oil soaps and you will find them :-)
  20. DiddlyO

    Fight Club, Finally!

    It's awesome! One of Brad Pitt's finest moments!