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  1. shunt2011

    New Home

    What a lovely home! Congratulations!!! Hope you are doing well!!!
  2. shunt2011

    Superfat Suggestions for Aleppo type recipe

    I did 70/30 and a 6% sf. I personally didn’t like it all that much. I have a few bars left somewhere and they are 5 or 6 years old now. But I’m not fond of high olive soap at all.
  3. shunt2011

    Good behaving fragrances for wedding

    Love Spell from NG is great. I've used it several times for wedding favors. I've also done Raspberry Lemonade from WSP, and Blackraspberry Vanilla from Peak (out of business) and Passionate Kisses from NG. Can't help you with clays to color.
  4. shunt2011

    Hello from PA

    Hello and welcome Spike!
  5. shunt2011

    Shampoo bar questions?

    Night and day between the two. CP soap is soap not shampoo in my personal opinion. I tried it years ago and it totally ruined my hair. Went from shoulder length to just a bit longer than a pixie. I don’t recommend it
  6. shunt2011

    Go to recipe

    You can make a really nice bar of soap with your ingredients. I made soap with 40% Lard, 20% CO, 10% Shea, 5% castor and 25% either olive or avocado or even a split. I don’t use more than 25-30% Olive if I use it as I’m not a fan of high olive oil soaps.
  7. shunt2011

    Squeaky Clean, Sticky Feeling during rinse.

    What superfat did you use? That’s similar to my recipe and I don’t experience any of that. I generally care my soaps linger though too. 6-8 weeks. Just a personal choice. 20% coconut May also be too much for your skin as everyone is different.
  8. shunt2011

    Any suggestions for soap cutters?

    I have Buds single and multi bar cutters. They are top notch. I’ve had mine for many years now and still in perfect condition.
  9. shunt2011

    What separates one soap company from another?

    I too think using expensive ingredients and EO in soap is a waste of money. Better in leave on product. However, if selling, your going to find your customers are going to want lavender, lilac and familiar scents. Making A good quality soap will get you customers and keep them. I do use some...
  10. shunt2011


    I agree with lsg. Soap washes off. I’m one who hates any high olive oil recipe. It dries my skin out terribly. You may want to formulate a different recipe.
  11. shunt2011

    Lotion bar recipe question

    Cocoa butter is harder. I would use less.
  12. shunt2011

    Another life.

    Very cool!
  13. shunt2011


    Hello and welcome!
  14. shunt2011

    My Version of LUSH Outback Mate Soap

    Hello and welcome! I agree that what you’ve posted is a really advanced process. It’s pretty much MP soap from scratch. I recommend making a simple soap and getting some experience first. I for one wasn’t impressed with Lush but did like some of their fragrances. I’d just dupe the scent...
  15. shunt2011

    Cabbage Recipes?

    Fresh Kielbasa and cabbage.
  16. shunt2011

    Beginners! What're your favorite soap methods?

    I too try to match my colors to the fragrance. I use Nurture Soap micas or Micas and More. I’ve never used Brambleberry.
  17. shunt2011

    Bath bomb colour dispersment

    I have not. I make either round bath bombs or use my mooncake press.
  18. shunt2011

    Mica Storage

    I don’t mix my micas with alcohol as in MP it can cause it to set up. I just mix my micas right into the MP until it’s the desired color. I should state I don’t do a lot of MP. Mostly for embeds. Are you asking he to store the micas or soap with micas. My needs to be wrapped once made. I...
  19. shunt2011

    Saving cold process soap with low fragance

    No not really. The only way to do that would be to re-batch it. Which personally is a pain. So I don’t do that.