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    Castor oil super fat or saponify

    This is from a page online.. Castor is wonderful to superfat with, but it must be saponified if you want the added bubbles it provides. I'm confused, Does it add bubble? I thought it was more of a stabilizer and does it really have to saponify to work? TIA:-?
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    Wrapped bars cure?

    I have wrapped a batch of CP bars in parchment paper, and while they look great I want them to breath. Can someone tell me if they will continue to cure completely wrapped in parchment paper? The only info I can find on-line is that cheese wrapped in parchment can breath but still keeps the...
  3. Z

    Oat Milk Goat Milk - help

    Most of the soap I make has oat milk in it, I bought powder goat milk and was thinking of adding it to the oat milk recipe, do you think that would be to much or would you omit the oat milk and use goat milk alone? I might try both ways but really want to know what others think about it. thanks
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    Fragrance oil sample

    I want to send a sample of eucalyptus spearmint fragrance oil from bb to a friend, if I put some on a paper and put it in a zip lock bag will it melt a hole in the bag?
  5. Z

    My first worst soap day!

    Okay here we go... I made a blue cylinder of soap to make a star shaped loaf to embed into a special soap for a special boy that likes red white and blue. I took my time and had looked forward to making this masterpiece and that was no easy task because I’m a bounce off the walls type of...
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    Mold calculations

    Has anyone made a mold using Length of mold x Width of mold x Height of mold x .40 =oil weight and if so how accurate was it? Also how would you calculate size of mold according to a soap recipe? I did make a hinged mold today it is 36 length x 3.5 width x 2 high but have no clue if there is a...
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    I put 2 tablespoons of paprika in a teabag and put it in 5 ounces of olive oil, I'm not sure how much to add to a pound of soap, the whole 5 oz. or a few tablespoons? can you suggest a starting point, I am looking for a pastel orange... or maybe you can tell me if it gets darker or lighter after...
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    when to cut soap?

    I am not sure how hard or soft my soap should be to remove it from the mold, I have put it in a large Christmas paper tube approx.2" and want to unmold it asap so I can put it in a larger cylinder mold and pour soap over it to make a color ring around it, also how hard should it be to cut it...