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    Fragrance/Essential Oil % or Ratio

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if I can ask you wise people how you determine the amount of fragrance or essential oils you use when making soap. I have found so many conflicting recommendations. I am currently using 2-3% of the base oils in the recipe, however I notice that soapcalc...
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    Kia Ora from Wellington NZ

    Thanks everyone. Yes I am new to soapmaking. Thank you for the helpful link. I am here to learn. I haven't any intention to sell my soap in the near future. At the moment I am just trying out recipes and scents and understanding the process. I'm in no hurry. Thanks for your interest and see...
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    Kia Ora from Wellington NZ

    Howdy, Posting from Wellington NZ. I am new to this sport and loving it so far. Looking to hone in on all your expertise. Mostly I am keen to get as close to natural as possible with our household products, but I am also keen to get my hobby to pay for itself and perhaps a little pocket money...