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    Big Lotion Mistake

    So, I've made 80 lbs of lotion and made the rookie mistake of running out of preservative - how long can this lotion sit without preservative? Or is it all a waste now?
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    Lemon Cake Dupe?

    BB discontinued their Lemon Cake FO before I realized. It’s a major staple in my shop and now I’m scrambling. Does anyone know of a good dupe? I tried WSP’s but it’snot the same, smells very coconut to me...
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    Problem with BTMS 50

    Hi guys! I recently received 25 lbs of BTMS 50 from Chemistry Store (states it's Incroquat from Croda), and my nailed down Conditioner Bar recipe is suddenly very soft and leaking oil. Nothing else in the recipe was changed and I made 3 separate batches all with the same issue. I made another...
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    New Stephensons Bath Butter vs Old Version

    Hi all! I've been using Stephenson's Foaming Bath Butter/ Crystal OPC for a few years now and they've just introduced a new version. Wondering those of you who have tried both what your thoughts are? I made my first batch of sugar scrub with it last night and found it to be very dry/crumbly and...
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    Using beer in liquid soap

    Hi all! Wondering about incorporating beer into liquid soap. Would you add KOH to beer? Or dilute the batch with beer? My gut is telling me the KOH gets mixed with it but thought I'd ask the experts - info regarding this is surprisingly hard to come by. Thanks in advance! :bunny:
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    How do you melt your buckets of palm?

    Hi all! I'm at the point where I'm going through about a 35 lb bucket of palm a week and having to melt it out is seriously time consuming. As it is now, I scoop it out into a Pyrex 2 quart and then melt in the microwave. I add the melted stuff into a different clean bucket, then mix and pour...
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    ACK! Lotion Help!

    Hi all! I'm making a new recipe of lotion in hopes of it being a bit thinner than my usual recipe, but am having issues with it separating. Water and oils were both heated and held to 170-180 for 20 mins and combined Half and Half Water/Pure Aloe Vera Juice - 35%/35% (70% total) - 995g...
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    Aloe Juice & other additives in Lotion

    Hiya! Have started playing around with emulsified lotions and have a whole jug of aloe juice - am wondering how it is in lotion? Does it make it sticky? Also - can you use something like coconut milk in lotion? Are there special steps beyond heating & holding you need to do prior to...
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    How much H20 to use in LS?

    Hi all! So I'm starting to play around with LS again, as I'm generally more of a CP/HP kinda gal, but I've recently been playing around with my Lye Concentrations in those and it has me wondering - what concentration do you use when making LS? I was going to try the glycerin method and feel like...
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    Lye concentration vs. H20 as % of oils. What a difference!

    Since starting soapmaking a year ago, I've only ever used the default "Water as % of oils" option on soap calc. I've been experiencing more and more "stearic globs" and "glycerin rivers" but thought it was purely a heat-related thing so tried not insulating, putting molds in cold to set etc...
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    Gluten-free cosmetics

    An "expert answer" from the Mayo Clinic regarding whether those with Celiac disease need to use gluten free soaps, shampoos etc... Provides insight to the debate. See article below The...
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    Lotion - How long to wait before establishing it's safe/stable?

    Hello! I've just started researching making lotion and have a zillion questions (have not delved into my first batch yet!) Am first off wondering how long you typically let a new recipe sit in order to establish its safety and stability prior to testing - sharing - selling. Have made only...
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    HP Honey Soap Blunder....

    So, I'm making some hp honey oatmeal soap, and I decided to add my honey at the beginning of my cook instead of at the end as I usually do. It's been in there about 30 mins and it's still a separated mess. Give it to me straight - is this batch doomed? :oops:
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    Indigo Fragrance

    Does anyone have any experience with their oils? They have a huge variety it seems but wondering about performance?
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    Mega mica!

    Just got my very first order from Nurture Soap Supplies. Things may have gotten a wee bit out of hand... So excited!!
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    What to include in a great shampoo bar recipe?

    Hiya guys! I keep getting bugged to do a shampoo bar and honestly - I have no idea where to even start on what to include! Everyone's hair is so different I haven't wanted to get into solid shampoo, but have decided to take the plunge and trial some recipes on family hair :shifty: What...
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    Who is your Shea Butter Source?

    I have received 55 lbs of gritty shea butter from the same supplier twice now. It is refined and feels quite nice if it weren't for the grittiness/graininess which is driving me up the wall! I use it mostly for whipped shea butters, and I've found when I temper it, it A)Ends up getting grainy...
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    Hard time with wire cutter

    Morning, all! So I just got my first wire soap cutter and was SO excited - but I can't seem to get the thing to give me smooth cuts :???: In the picture are two bars from the same loaf (cut at about 18 hours). The one on the bottom i cut with my usual method of a regular knife, and on the...
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    Pomace vs. Pure in LS

    Hi guys! So up until now, I've used only pure olive oil in my liquid castile soap, but would really like to switch it out to pomace. Other than the obvious variations in the soapcalc recipe, will pomace have any impact in LS that would differ from using the pure OO? Thanks so much for...
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    BB Mangosteen FO Info?

    Hi guys! I have an inordinate amount of BB's Mangosteen sitting on my shelf. I was going to use it up in an experimental batch of CP but it's been discontinued and removed from their site - has anyone used it in CP? How did it behave? I feel like this is a scent that just wont stick... Thanks!