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    My CP Soap

    I am still learning about making CP soap. My latest creation. Soap on a rope using pvc pipe. The darker soap is four thieves soap and the light is scented with salty mariner fragrance.
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    Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken

    One of my favorite recipes. This is a video I made on you tube My website that I am working on with more good recipes.
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    Sea Beauty Soap Giveaway Drawing

    Hello Everyone. Since it is the season for giving thanks and tis the season for giving I am having a free drawing for a chance to win one of my soaps. Contest ends November 30. Open to U.S Residents only. I have 10 different style of soaps to choose from. Winners Choice. Winner will be...
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    Ocotpus and Under the Sea - MP

    Here are my newest MP Creations.
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    Dragon Fly MP

    My dragon Fly Soap MP
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    My Bath Cocktail.

    This is my bath cocktail made with bath salts.
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    My Soap Craft Business

    My husband has a small surf shop in Imperial Beach,California which is near San Diego. I was telling him one day that he needs to have items for tourist. Something small that they can take home and travel with in a suit case. Then one day I came across the pretty Mermaid Soap Molds and...
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    My beach Theme Gel Candle

    Here is my Beach Theme Gel Candle I made.
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    Taco Soap

    Here is some Taco Soap I made with MP.
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    Freezy Recipes

    My other hobby is Freezy Recipes. I have just recently started a website with easy recipes that you can make ahead of time and freeze for later with some videos. I still need to add a bunch more recipes but it is a start.
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    Shot Gun Shell Candles

    My husband had some used Shot Gun Shells so last year I made him some candles out of them for his Christmas present.
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    Hello From San Diego

    Hello Everyone. My name is Rory. I started making soap 2 years ago. I new to CP and I do Mp.
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    Mermaid Mp Soap

    I am new to CP and made a few batches but my speicalty is mermaids. I started making them for my husbands surf shop.