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    label frustrations

    Ok.....suggestions are welcomed! I WAS having my labels for my soaps printed by a local printing company....but...the turnaround time is RIDICULOUS! AND...the company never really designed them the way I wanted them scent list is anywhere from 25 to 40 different scents...
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    Cost of Coconut oil

    Has anyone else who buys CO in bulk noticed the price doubling in the last 2 months? My local supplier claims they had to increase the price because of a crop failure and that the price should go back down...then, immediately changed their package sizes. I can no longer buy my CO 35 #'s at a...
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    wellington fragrance

    I have been making soap for 4 years, though I have only started making large quantities to sell since late 2010. And....I admit, I was an EO only kind of gal until a family member asked me to make a soap that smelled like my grandmothers favorite body spray (secret crush by VS). I ordered a...
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    new to SMF

    Hello everyone. I am a soap maker from texas, made my first batch about 4 years ago. But have just this year started making soap to sell. I am eager make new soapmaking friends and share ideas, recipes and advice.