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    Natural Fragrance oil or EO ?

    Since you mentioned you speak French, I assume you live in either France or Canada. Bad chemicals in Europe and Canada are restricted much more than in the US by REACh and Canada Health regulations and if those chemicals are in a product over a certain limit they can’t be sold. So if you live in...
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    80% Lard recipe breaks up like chocolate when cutting after 2 days...

    I add 2% citric acid to my formula to fight soap scum. It helps the bubbles. The soap lasts forever.
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    Can I cure soap in a sealed container?

    I feel for you too! A strong peppermint scent would not bother me, but once when I was just getting started I scented a batch with anise EO. It was so overpowering that I built a curing box in the garage. Then my car started smelling … The soap sold well, but I had a partial bottle left that I...
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    DIY Laundry Detergent

    I make laundry butter and have used it for years. Mine is made of lard soap with a slightly negative superfat, borax and washing soda dissolved in water. A lot depends on your machine and water. I have a water saving side loader and laundry butter works well. I made a batch of powder once, and...
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    Hot process, refined vs unrefined, optimal temperature, lye resistance

    I’ve used the same ceramic inner bowl for HP for about 6 years now and it’s still good. Just make sure there is no coating or paint on the bowl. I used one once a long time ago that had a coating on it, and the coating came off because of the lye. 176-194 F is a good range. I keep a meat...
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    80% Lard recipe breaks up like chocolate when cutting after 2 days...

    I make 100% lard soap and have found that the temperature of the lard and lye solution have a dramatic impact on how brittle it is when I cut. The higher the temperatures, the faster it becomes brittle. Weird. I like to soap when the lye and lard are in the 90’s Fahrenheit. Then I can cut the...
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    Hemp oil soap

    It wouldn’t help much if any. Hemp seed oil contains linoleic, linolineic and oleic acids which are all unsaturated, meaning they contain a double bond. Think of a double bond as a spot where something can react or the bond can break. When this happens the soap becomes rancid.
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    Oil ugly soap top

    I wonder if there was a difference in the concentration of isopropyl alcohol? Bottles in my local pharmacies are 70%, and from chemical supply companies can have several concentrations.
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    Mystery of the week...why the different colors?

    Once I used a brand new red candy mold with my shower fizzies and they turned orange instead of staying white. There must have been some red dye left on the surface of the mold that bled through. I ran the mold through the dishwasher after that and now it’s fine, so you may want to give that a try.
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    For lather

    I use citric acid as a chelator and it also helps with bubbles.
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    Paging the experts

    Sometimes our mistakes turn into what I call an “ A-ha moment” where you learn something new and the mistake turns out beautifully. You had one!!
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    Life Changing 3 Weeks

    Zany, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Curing question

    Yes, it’s just a canopy on the top so air can circulate.
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    Curing question

    I put a wire rack over the bars (it doesn’t touch the bars) and drape a kitchen towel over the rack. It allows for air flow and keeps the dust off.
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    Donating Soap

    I donate soap to the local food pantry. The director once told me that many clients have skin conditions but use the cheapest soap they can buy, so she is always happy to get my donations. Mine isn’t off cuts, old bars, etc just because my family uses that up. But I have a deal with a local...
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    What is your biggest challenge making cp soap?

    Color is my biggest challenge too. I only use natural ingredients and when using something new it turns out not as expected. Sometimes I think it would be so easy just to mix in some mica!
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    Dual Lye Shaving Soap w/Stearic Acid Failures

    With stearic acid it won’t get to a glossy smooth stage. Believe me, I made several crumbly batches when learning to make shaving soap. Try a short cook next time. Mine is HP and I cook it for 20 minutes before plopping into the mold. No stick blender or just a few very short bursts, instead...
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    Beautiful! Lavender Patchouli is one of my favorite blends. I do a blue ombré swirl with mine using indigo.
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    Essential Oils Sweating..?

    Could be the quality of your essential oils. Cheap, adulterated EOs will weep.
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    Close call with lye

    Lesson learned! Glad you are OK!