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    Do I have to blend until trace for HP ?

    I do Oven HP and stick blend until I get a good thick trace! L
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    CP lab colours other than Select Shades?

    Try the Chemistry Store L
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    Blog Giveaway

    Having my Monthly Aloha Soap Giveaway!! Check it out and see if you get lucky!~ ... eaway.html L
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    6th Batch: True Plumeria!

    I've been using them for years now and have not had any delivery problems whatsoever. L
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    6th Batch: True Plumeria!

    Another Hawaii girl here...born and raised on Oahu! For years I used to pick the neighbors plumeria tree to make leis for May Day! I miss Hawaii dearly! I've been using Tradewinds Fragrance Plumeria FO for years!!!! L
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    Nice! I love the colors! L
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    Can I get some Feedback

    Love it! Very clean...easy on the eyes and and easy to navigate as well! Lovena
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    My New Soap Cutter

    Wow! That's a good looking soap cutter! L
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    Lavender Swirl Triangles

    Whoa, those are awesome! L
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    Beginner's luck swirl/marble

    Very pretty! L
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    Soap Stones

    Those are so cool looking!!! L
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    WOW, have you guys looked into mass production equipment?

    Ooooh, I love that site....lots of eyecandy to drool over! :) L
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    How long have you been soaping?

    8 years ago I was a process engineer when another engineer came in a stated, "my wife makes her own soap!" I was like, shuddaap, no she doesn't! I couldn't believe you could make your own soap! He told me to do a search online and it opened up a whole new world for me. The right timing too since...
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    "u @ 50"

    Very well done! Thank you for the link....I passed it along to all my good friends and family! I turn 50 in July and look forward to signing up at AARP! L
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    My new soaps from this week

    Wow, those are pretty! L
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    Strawberries and cream....yummo!

    Just gorgeous....I love pink!! L
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    10 lbs of yummy!

    Oooohhh, they do look ultra creamy! L
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    Crochet Face Cloths & Bath Poufs

    Those are just beautiful! I love the various colors of the yarn. L
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    This weekend's soaps ( so far )

    Lovely soaps, and I agree, love the names too! L
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    More soap - last weekend

    Pretty soaps, I especially love that 100% coconut!! L