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  1. Cat&Oak

    It's not all that it's cracked up to be.

    I'm glad your business is doing well but putting a little plug about how great your business is and how popular you are in a thread where I chose to close mine down is a little tacky.
  2. Cat&Oak


    It's not greedy to price higher. The major soapmakers that actually make a living off soap charge $11-15 a bar. If selling soap is actually your only income $7 a bar is not even close to providing you a livable income.
  3. Cat&Oak

    Bought my own Christmas gift!

    Congratulations! That will make your life so much easier 😍
  4. Cat&Oak

    Fragrance caused this….

    I agree with the others it looks like ricing from the fragrance oil. I would suggest buying your fragrance oils from a reputable soap supplier like Brambleberry. I'm curious about the shea oil how do you like how your bars come out with it? I've always just used shea butter but now you have me...
  5. Cat&Oak

    Fragrance caused this….

    Can you post your full recipe, temps you soaped at where you got your fragrance oil and general level of experience so we can help you.
  6. Cat&Oak

    Do people use lotion bars on the face?

    That's a really interesting question! Curious to see what @ResolvableOwl (my hero 😍) has to say.
  7. Cat&Oak

    Thick batter

    You actually do not need to reach trace to do swirls you just need to be able to recognize what emulsion is. Once you have stable emulsion you can separate out and do colors and swirls. Also it's common to overuse the stick blender when you are new which speeds up the whole process. You just...
  8. Cat&Oak

    Cream Soap dehydration

    I bow to you! Cream soap is not easy! Please keep us abreast of your journey 😍
  9. Cat&Oak


    Well sorry John I've been married for 33 years now. My husband is a Saint 🤣
  10. Cat&Oak

    Best simple cold process soap design technique for a first time artesian soap maker?

    You are going through what we all have been through. "Soapmaking how hard can it be? That looks simple anyone could do that!" You are obviously hard-headed and stubborn and learn things the hard way 😂 As long as you can afford to waste a bunch of money (Soapmaking is expensive!) And don't mind...
  11. Cat&Oak


    Your not alone! I have to take meds twice a day every day for severe depression and anxiety 😍
  12. Cat&Oak

    Tutorials - new YouTube channel

    I always thought it would be interesting to have a channel that does top ten and reviews for soaps and products. An interesting idea as well is to do tours of the different soap suppliers so we can see where our products come from.
  13. Cat&Oak


    Nothing wrong with that friend you just have a lot of passion for what you do!
  14. Cat&Oak

    It's not all that it's cracked up to be.

    Thank you @The_Phoenix for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences. I found the same thing with IG and the thought of doing markets with the added expenses was unappealing as well. I actually feel better and more self confident from shutting it down. What a relief! It just wasn't...
  15. Cat&Oak


    When I had my business after figuring out ALL of my expenses I was charging $9 to $9.50 for a 4.5 ounce bar. Nevada is an expensive place to live. Friends and family had no issues with that price. Grats on your party glad it went well. You could probably sell on Etsy there are a bazillion hobby...
  16. Cat&Oak

    Shave Soap My Latest Paste Shave Soap Creations!

    Well done! I know how hard you have been working on this looks great! 😍
  17. Cat&Oak

    Green Bees

    They are pretty I wonder what they are?
  18. Cat&Oak

    Just a little soaparoo!

    Welcome to the fam 😍
  19. Cat&Oak


    That's a bargain for such a big bar of soap. ❤ I know I always put Kenna's stuff on here but I think she is really smart! This is a super article and I hope it helps you. Really you can charge whatever you want John.
  20. Cat&Oak


    Got my booster last week and the side effects were worse than the first two but happy to have it. ❤