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  1. Seawolfe

    Wrapping Soaps with Tissue Paper?

    I do the same, and I stick it down with round pre-printed avery labels. It looks really nice for very little effort.
  2. Seawolfe

    Is homemade laundry soap really a good idea?

    I actually went back to home-made laundry soap (too many stains were remaining), but I do add citric acid when I make the soap, and borax and washing soda when I grind and mix it up. Oh and vinegar in the rinse water. But it gets out stains nicely, and we do also use Ariel sometimes in addition...
  3. Seawolfe

    Help!!! Need laundry soap liquid & powder recipes...

    My salad shooter with the grater wheel makes this so easy. Interesting about the KOH, I might try that next time. Mind you, I travel a lot and use my stuff for handwashing too, and never had any issue with dissolving, even when I (rarely) use cold water - like on a delicate cycle.
  4. Seawolfe

    Help!!! Need laundry soap liquid & powder recipes...

    LOL funny you guys are bringing this up again. We started using commercial detergent (Ariel) + Oxyclean (or similar) last year. I ran out of soap and thought it would be better, or at least no different. Then I noticed that even with pretreating my stains (Awesome or Spray & Wash), some weren't...
  5. Seawolfe

    Kitchen scents with zero Cinnamon

    Rosemary and lavender 50\50 is my go-to androgynous scent.
  6. Seawolfe

    Alkanet for Colouring soap

    If I don't know how much alkanet infused oil Ill be needing, I put in portions till it looks right. Say that my recipe uses 500 g of olive oil. I make the soap batter with everything BUT the olive oil, and then add 200 g of alkanet infused oil, mix, check the color, add another 100g of infused...
  7. Seawolfe

    I'm getting frustrated with EOs

    I find that using the max based on the Brambleberry fragrance calculator helps, as does creating blends with good base, middle and top notes (or at least a good base). I only make one soap that's all lavender and it goes fast so I'm not sure if it fades after 6 months. But my Rosemary and...
  8. Seawolfe

    Benefits/drawbacks to mold types?

    I still use wood and butcher paper for a bunch of reasons: I made a very custom mold (2 in x 4 in and 5 lb) that I can block off to smaller lengths giving me a ton of batch size options, paper and wood breathe better, I know that wood insulates better so no partial gel, I won't mess up my soap...
  9. Seawolfe

    Snake Skin Soap

    I am so much less grossed out by snake skin soap than some other ideas I've seen (I am looking at you new mothers!!) - I say go for it!!
  10. Seawolfe

    What's in your canning/jarring pantry?

    Mullers Lane Farm - that is SO pretty <3 Gloopy - is that 1 kilo 500 g instead for the sugar? And Campden tablets like these? Ive only ever used those for brewing cider. What do they do in the cordial?
  11. Seawolfe

    What's in your canning/jarring pantry?

    Ohh gloopy - I would love a recipe for cordials! They aren't very common here in the US as in the UK and I really miss them. That one there looks really lovely.
  12. Seawolfe

    What's in your canning/jarring pantry?

    I have ball/kerr jars of: drunken fig jam, 3 types of marmalade, 4 types of salsas, all the tomato products, chickpeas, beans, chicken soup, pickled beets, pickled beans and two heats of roasted hatch chiles :) I've also fermented lots of pickles - those go straight into the fridge (and are...
  13. Seawolfe

    Black-eyed Peas

    We did black eyed peas as well! Hubby cooked them in a tomatoey sauce with fire roasted green chiles, and we served them over rice.
  14. Seawolfe

    Hot process and aluminum molds

    I would avoid it, as I see aluminum and other metals react with cured bar soap as well - the metal soap holders corrode and the soap is more likely to get DOS. You can line the muffin tins with muffin papers, plastic wrap or those silicone muffin liners.
  15. Seawolfe

    Another Feel Good Dance Video

    <snif> Im not crying! YOU are!! <snif>
  16. Seawolfe

    Fragrance advice

    I like to use Brambleberrys fragrance calculator to get an idea of the total amount to use: Just put in all of your EOs separately to see what quantities are recommended (some EOs you can use more, some less), then make your blend...
  17. Seawolfe

    First Salt Bars Today

    This was actually my very first salt bar made a few years ago. And yes, I added the powdered turmeric directly to the batter and then did that gradient thing where you pour a layer, add some uncolored batter, mix, pour etc... If I don't know what a color is going to do, I like to make a...
  18. Seawolfe

    First Salt Bars Today

    I wasnt sure how much turmeric to use, so I did a bit of a gradient and realized that more is best on mine
  19. Seawolfe

    First Salt Bars Today

    Thats close my my basic salt bar recipe. I did make salt bars with turmeric coloring and they did fade to a lovely biscuity color, so I was ok with that. I think you will really like them.
  20. Seawolfe

    Soap does NOT smell good.. Need help

    You need a LOT more essential oils for CP soap than one might guess - here is a good calculator to get an idea of how much is needed: FWIW the only companies that use the term "therapeutic grade" use it on themselves for their own...