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  1. moonbeam

    2017 Goals: what are yours?

    My biggest one really is to get a worthwhile 3rd year-round Farmers market or to find some way of filling in the 3 month period when I have only 2 markets. I'm workin on it!
  2. moonbeam

    Red Clover Tea Fragrance Oil

    I've been adding FO's before the lye for ages, one less thing to forget later! BTW RCT from Symph is one of my best sellers too, I add ground oatmeal to mine :-)
  3. moonbeam

    No sink!

    After always having had a sink in the garage studio, we are going to move and many of the homes don't have sinks or plumbing in the garage ( washer in the house ) so, how do you get around that? anyone else have that situation? Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. moonbeam

    almost off color...

    At my Farmers Market yesterday, the wife of the Biscotti vendor came over, she's this adorable little Italian lady. She proceeds to tell me that she was at a different market and talking to the soap lady there and asked if she could use the soap in her "Private areas" and the soap lady says...
  5. moonbeam

    WSP micas?

    Have you tried MadOils ? I love them, their service is great and the site says which ones are soap stable. They are my supplier of choice for Micas, I like several of their FOs too.
  6. moonbeam

    Rainbow failed Clyde slide

    Completely gorgeous! We should all have "failures" as gorgeous! :-)
  7. moonbeam

    Artisan Market

    Well the cool thing about the event even without huge sales is, it's still getting your name out there and it is experience. I'm sorry it wasn't busier for you, you'll get 'em next time!
  8. moonbeam

    Color and TD question

    YOu know, I have never messed with TD just bc of all the speck problems I hear about, sounds like you have some good suggestions, I may try it some time! :-)
  9. moonbeam

    Mad Oils vs Bramble Berry Colorant Quality?

    I am a huge fan of Mad oils, I also like that they get the orders out right away, I hate having to wait 3 days before they even ship it out and then more time on top of that!
  10. moonbeam

    First market - pics

    You should be very proud of yourself, I think your display looked very together, you look way experienced! You'll prolly change your display a little each time, I still do that 14 years later!
  11. moonbeam

    Coconut oil

    I have a customer who works for a company that has organic, fair trade coconut oil and he gives me the product that's out of date, it's perfect for soap but can't be sold for consumption. It TOTALLY smells like a Mounds bar! It doesn't come through much in the finished product other than my...
  12. moonbeam

    CP Soap in decorative molds?

    Here's what I did: make the soap as always, when it's been about 24 hours, I pop them in the freezer for a few hours, then I dip the back of the mold in hot water and the condensation will make them pop right out. A word of caution: some plastic will crack, it depends on the plastic used, but I...
  13. moonbeam

    How to increase customer through websites?

    I've read that you can have the most amazing website there is, but it's comperable to a billboard in the desert, if no one sees it! You have to constantly promote your site in order to be seen. Brick and Mortar stores have the same consideration, what to do to be found! They've given you some...
  14. moonbeam

    Cleaning Up Equipment After Making Soap

    I use the spatula to get as much of the excess as possible, then use those thick paper towels like mechanics use, followed by a soak in Dawn and cool water, then wash. I have even left over night with this method. Worrks very well :-)
  15. moonbeam

    Where Does Everybody Purchase Their Lye From?

    I get mine from a chemical house in Berkeley, CA (pacific coast chemical) it comes in 50# bags
  16. moonbeam

    Tiger Stripe

    That came out nice! For me that's a little tricky, I did one the other day that I was sure was going to be perfect and it ended up being blobs! So congratulate yourself!
  17. moonbeam

    Activated charcoal with pink clay attempt

    You should be proud, it looks amazing!
  18. moonbeam

    Too much Lemongrass essential oil?

    I agree about the Lemongrass, it holds up really well. It's one of those things you learn as you go, but it will always smell amazing for you!
  19. moonbeam

    best price on bulk olive oil?

    I usually do either Smart and Final or Cash and Carry (restaurant supply). Their current price is $15ish /gallon.
  20. moonbeam

    Big ol crack!!

    I'm so sorry that happened to you, I know how frustrating that can be. I get that now and then myself, I feel your pain!