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    I think they are best with butter and honey - yum
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    New Soap Maker from Victoria, Australia

    Welcome. I'm also in Vic
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    Fresh scents?

    fuzz-juzz have you checked out escentials of australia. They do get some bad press but I've never had a problem in 5 years. Their prices are great.
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    Fresh scents?

    Aussie classic blend of lemon myrtle. tea tree, and eucalyptus EO is a great seller for me. Lem myrtle is expensive but the other two are cheap for us so it evens out
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    Why is price so important?

    Where it comes undone is when the cheaper seller gets a wholesale order. They are so excited that their hobby may become a business but often end up working for nothing, hobby becomes a burden, then all their soapy stuff is for sale.
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    Soaping temperature using wax

    2-3% is ok, after that it inhibits lather. I don't use palm either, and 1% is just what I prefer - just play around
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    Soaping temperature using wax

    I use beeswax at 1% in a lot of my soap. We are beekeepers so beeswax or honey in soap is the link in our business. I melt the beeswax first then add cocoa butter. When it is all melted I add coconut oil. After that I turn the heat off and let the heat melt other butters I might add. Then I...
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    Ontario Beekeeper

    BeesKnees so I missed that question! Tomatoes are struggling to be pollinated as we have an orchardist nearby who seems to spray some crap every day, so our bees are safer if they are not in our backyard.
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    Ontario Beekeeper

    Another beekeeper here. What started as one beehive to pollinate tomatoes has resulted in over 250 hives. I use honey and beeswax in my soaps and it's lots of fun. Welcome
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    I need a hug.

    Have you tried using honey on your hands. Put it on then put gloves on. It can be a great healer for some bugs
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    Hi everyone

    Hi, which part of Australia are you from? There's some great facebook forums for oz that give you links to aussue suppliers if you are interested. Really helpful people, just like the ones here
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    What Do You Do With Unsolicited Bad Soap?

    Susie I agree. I reckon the recipe sold here is different. Cadbury changed it a few years ago and people were so angry they changed it back.
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    My bulk shopping list

    Hi Penelopejane, where are you buying your shea? My cheap place just went to $88 for 5KG. And jennyannlowe I like the way you will store it.Keep it dry and air tight and it should be fine
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    You have to hear this

    Heard it last night - awe inspiring
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    April SMF Soap Challenge, Hanger Swirl Petra Style

    1.Newbie- Oooooo, this will be harder than it looks. I know because I've tried it with not so stellar results. 2. Dixiedragon (gulp) 3. Snappyllama (if only mine can come out half as pretty as the example, I'll be one pleased petunia) 4. Saponista- I can't wait to have a go at this! 5...
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    Happy accident and the ever elusive and persnickety Indigo...

    I haven't done it myself, but have read many times that dissolving indigo in the lye water is the way to go. Must try it soon. Good luck with yours. Looking forward to photos
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    Scenting soap without EO/FO? Can it be done?

    I agree with Green soap. I use cinnamon for pencil lines and the scent comes through the saponification process
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    Cinnamon EO and Natural Brown Color

    I smelt both bark and leaf recently. To my somewhat dodgy nose the bark was better.
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    1st SMF Soap Challenge- July

    Dill hubby just doesn't get it:???:. Wait till you've been soaping a bit longer and all of a sudden he understands the different oils in soap and starts telling other people about it. Trust me it won't happen over night but it will happen:wink:. What work do you do?
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    Browsing soap pics

    You should see what the soapmaker who made the red black and green soap has just posted. It's awesome. I'll see if I can work out how to put it here Here they are. I'm in awe