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  1. MelissaG

    How did you find your CPA?

    I haven't incorporated. He recommended against it because the most I've ever made in a year is $4400. And frankly, that just brought me to break even. My next step is an LLC , but he recommends waiting until I've cleared more in a year before I do it. I trust his judgement. Heck, last year, he...
  2. MelissaG

    How did you find your CPA?

    Believe it or not, Thumbtack. We had tried someone before that and she was terrible.
  3. MelissaG

    Let’s Talk Soap Dough

    I buy mine from sorcery soap. Frankly, it's just easier and her colors are perfect. Wrap them in cling wrap and then put the wrapped dough in a zip lock bag that you've removed as much air from as you can. Personal experience, it's the best idea.
  4. MelissaG


    I just went to their website. From the looks of it, it's for moisturization, not protection.
  5. MelissaG


    I was just considering trying that. The coloration may be caused by not mixing it entirely, the color of the strawberry, even the milk. As long as it doesn't zap and suds up fine, I would say it's just fine.
  6. MelissaG

    Hemp soap cp

    For me it would kill me so really not (severe allergy). But Jerika Zimmerman on Youtube would probably have some tips.
  7. MelissaG


    I use it in my sugar scrubs, not in my regular soap. Why did you choose to use it regular soap? It's expensive and table sugar will do just as well for bubbles plus it's alot cheaper.
  8. MelissaG

    Does it matter? Olive Oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    I don't remember EVOO being green. It is a darker color. But green is Pomace.
  9. MelissaG

    Scent Memory Vs. 1617 Vs. Makesy

    My sister would but, and this is weird, it costs more for her to send it than it does a business. We've done it before with presents for my nephews. I finally gave up with that and just send money if I have it. Oh that reminds me, she was going to send me a little decoration she made for my...
  10. MelissaG

    Refined shea vs unrefined

    I use 20% shea in my soap. I prefer refined due to the coloring. I've never noticed a difference in how it feels to the touch.
  11. MelissaG

    Scent Memory Vs. 1617 Vs. Makesy

    Next time I go back, I'll likely stop at one of the stores in Calgary and grab some things for the trip home. It costs too much to have it shipped. Thing is, it's been three years. I don't see me getting back any time soon.
  12. MelissaG

    What's your favorite wood mold

    My favorite mold is the 5lb mold from Nurture Soap.
  13. MelissaG

    Scent Memory Vs. 1617 Vs. Makesy

    In the reverse too. I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to get from Canadian stores. The shipping is deadly.
  14. MelissaG

    WSP Thunderstorm?

    If it turns pink that means they put real geosimin in it. When it rains, the bacteria in the soil give off the chemical geosimin. It's "the smell of dust after rain" also called petrichor. It's also very expensive but very little is required to get the scent. It should change back after a couple...
  15. MelissaG

    Does it matter? Olive Oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    I use it in my bath bombs and lotion. In my soap, I use olive oil and apricot kernel oil.
  16. MelissaG

    Does it matter? Olive Oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    I've never had a problem with it and its highly unlikely to be an allergen. It's also easy to get because I can just go pick it up since it's within a half hour drive. I use it in my bath bombs. I had been using cocoa butter but didn't like it as much. The feeling of the batch is better with...
  17. MelissaG

    Does it matter? Olive Oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Safflower? Cheapest is normally Fresh Market in another city but this time Soapers Choice beat the price.
  18. MelissaG

    Taxes = Frustrating

    Still better than working for someone else.
  19. MelissaG

    Does it matter? Olive Oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Wow that's one heck of alot of work you went through to get all those prices. I just have to say thanks. Because that's amazing. I've been thinking of doing that for a long time. Do these include shipping or just the item?