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    Hemp soap cp

    I made some beer soap with hemp oil, I think you just want to keep it under 20%, which you’ve done in both recipes. A recipe with mostly liquid oils might take longer to unmold. Otherwise, I can’t help you off the top of my head. Most soap calculators will show you other issues… like if your...
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    I use a stiff silicone spatula for scraping soap batter, lotion bars, wax, etc. If the spatula has a thin edge (blade?) and has a good corner that makes a big difference. A lot less to clean up when you’re done. Like a spatula meant for getting every last bit of peanut butter out of the jar.
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    I made peach soap half pink and half golden yellow… having the soap mostly yellow with pink on top would be good. So would adding white to both so it’s be pastel… yum!
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    Favorite and most hated oils to use?

    If possible, you may want to use a small mold to test different soap recipes. A 4” loaf mold, a silicone muffin pan, or just line a small box with a little freezer paper… I wish I had done that. I was on the gentler-bar bandwagon, now I’m on the bubbles-bubbles-bubbles team all the way. I’ve...
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    For RASTAS13

    I don’t like the idea of making homemade soap as cheap as possible and then selling it. It’s not hard to find cheap bars of soap! If I’m paying for homemade soap it better be the good stuff. I mean, nobody can force you to make the best soap you can… but don’t expect community support for...
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    Natural Fragrance oil or EO ?

    If it has a chemical you would want to avoid, I wouldn’t assume it would go away. It shouldn’t have anything bad in it. Some suppliers that have natural fragrance oils (like Crafters Choice) have them tested and provide safety data sheets (SDS). I just looked at the first one I saw - “Aloe...
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    Natural Fragrance oil or EO ?

    I’m no chemist but L from what I understand: - Soap isn’t 100% natural per se because it’s not something that you can go pick up off the ground - you mixed chemicals and made soap. It’s man-made. - Some chemicals change during saponification but I wouldn’t say whatever is in the fragrance oil...
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    Soap Properties

    Oh and here’s a “reference chart”
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    Soap Properties

    I read the Ultimate Guide to Soap blog, forum responses, looked up single-oil soap experiments, and I have a list of how oils behave in soap and recommended usage. I have a list of oils and butters and their recommended percentages in a notebook. I also have notes in there like: castor oil...
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    Hot process, refined vs unrefined, optimal temperature, lye resistance

    I use HP if I’m concerned about the fragrance. I get distracted when I’m making HP in the crock pot… I haven’t quite figured out if it’s done for sure (does it look like Vaseline? Is it getting dried out?) so it’s all a little more stressful than I like. I just don’t enjoy it as much. I’ve...
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    Need help on the cut

    I’ve gotten it off using steam and a small paintbrush. I used a small pot of boiling water and held a bar in the steam. When that didn’t seem to be doing much I got a cheap little brush from my kids’ art supplies and wiped off the ash (while still holding the bar in the steam). I wouldn’t...
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    New person

    Right?? I hope everyone I know likes soap and doesn’t mind some odd bars. I’ve given a lot of my earlier soaps away already with long winded explanations about their size, shape, fragrance… I’ve made a few weird ones. I used some cheap pink mica and they look just like slabs of plastic ham...
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    New person

    I’ve been making CP soap for about a month. I like using lard, coconut oil, and olive oil. I’ve made so much soap it’s making me a little nervous but I can’t stop, it’s too much fun.
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    Febreze Wood dupes?

    Febreeze Wood smells just like Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille - which is a really popular cologne. I have the Febreeze and a sample of the cologne, it’s incredibly similar. It might be easier to look for a dupe of Tobacco Vanille.