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  1. DirtyDeeSoaps

    HP I have a LOT of yogurt to use. Recipes/advice?

    Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for any tips or recipes y'all share. My housemate just told me he has 2 quarts of greek yogurt in the freezer. He wants to make space in there, so he said I can use it...or lose it, haha. I hate throwing anything out, so I plan to use it for my holiday soaps...
  2. DirtyDeeSoaps

    Propylene Glycol alternatives for made-from-scratch transparent soap

    This has been something I've puzzled over myself. I finally went with marketing my soaps as sustainable and old fashioned to avoid any debate over what constitutes "natural" soap.
  3. DirtyDeeSoaps

    Hello Fellow Soapers!

    Hello and welcome! If I may offer a piece of advice, pick the markets with lower vending fees to start. Open markets are great, but they can often be competitive. I've noticed more and more soapers over the years. I also live in a big city, so smaller towns may not have this same issue...
  4. DirtyDeeSoaps

    Newbie Soaper

    Welcome! I also quickly expanded into additional bath products. Mud masks were an easy one for me to include, since I already have the clays and botanicals in stock to color and decorate my soaps.
  5. DirtyDeeSoaps

    Hello Soapers!

    Thank you, and same back atcha! 🤗
  6. DirtyDeeSoaps

    Hello Soapers!

    I've been a reader on SMF for about 5 years now, but never joined officially until recently. I'm a former food truck owner turned soaper. My fats are donated from friends of mine still in the restaurant biz. So far I've only done HP, including fluid HP and transparent soap. It's been about 4...
  7. DirtyDeeSoaps

    Making bath bombs in high humidity

    I live in Philadelphia, and our summers are notoriously muggy. I found your recipe 2 years ago and it is the ONLY one that works for me! That plus silicate packs, and my bombs are ready to package in 1 day. Thank you all for sharing tips!