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  1. cmzaha

    Halp! Cancer Patient Skin Cream

    Yes, I do. It actually passed approval by a doctor at the City of Hope in the Cancer, where I used to sell, department for some of his patients. But it is not FDA-approved. So I share this recipe with very few and never post it in the forum. ETA: Please bear with me while I explain how this...
  2. cmzaha

    HELP. HP needs saved

    When trying to salt out soap, which is what it sounds like you tried with a batch to remove the glycerin you really will not end up with glycerin you will want to use, and in my opinion, not even a nice soap in the end. some will disagree with me, but I hate soap that has been salted out. The...
  3. cmzaha

    Great price on oils

    Where have the days gone when I paid $25 for 35lbs (5 gallons)of CO? Sadly it has not been that many years, just before Covid...
  4. cmzaha

    No-blender recipes

    If you use palm oil or cocoa butter your batter will trace faster. Tallow will also help
  5. cmzaha

    Persistent Partial Gel

    I never CPOP for some of the reasons ALI mentions above. One if your soap does happen to go over in the oven and the batter is fresh enough it will very possibly ruin your oven finish. My method of soaping and my recipes causes me to have to force gel even in the hot summer months here in So...
  6. cmzaha

    Science-y soap making

  7. cmzaha

    Trying to solve this enigma... do you have any thoughts?

    If you leave your tongue on any soap it can sting. As Ali mentioned above Zap is immediate like touching your tongue to a 9-volt battery and hard to miss. I would venture to guess those white spots are not lye-heavy spots.
  8. cmzaha

    Daystar Order

    I am born and raised in Southern California so the Pacific Ocean is my area. My boat was in Oceanside and I spent a lot of time in Baja in my boating days.
  9. cmzaha

    Lard soap

    I, on the other hand, would use 1-2% superfat if you really want to use 100% Crisco and give it a much longer cure such as a 4-month minimum The superfat suggestion is just to offset any measuring errors in my opinion, and will interfere with lather. All soap will eventually lather but some not...
  10. cmzaha

    Daystar Order

    I love Salty Air from even better than Salty Sailer. In my opinion, it smells just like being at the ocean where I spent many a day on my boat in the harbor and offshore. I will warn that it accelerates some but is workable and does not discolor. It is absolutely my go-to after...
  11. cmzaha

    WSP Thunderstorm?

    Do blues and purples to give it a stormy sky which would be easy to work with a pinkish-curing fragrance. Afterall purple is one of nature's colors. One of my favorite salty fragrances will cure pinkish when I use lard.
  12. cmzaha

    Replacing water with vinegar

    I would suggest using distilled vinegar due to the color difference of the ACV
  13. cmzaha

    Is this false trace?

    Maybe but hard to tell without your full recipe and soaping method. False trace usually occurs with high butters or solid oils content and soaping at cool temperatures. My usual recipes are high palm or a high tallow/lard which I soap at room temp. I soap with an average of 60% hard oils with my...
  14. cmzaha

    My soap exploded

    Overheating is what causes volcanos. Sadly, lye will ruin the finish of your oven just like it ruins cabinet finishes and flooring, so you do not want volcanos in your oven or anywhere for that matter. FYI it is also bad for Granite counter tops. :nonono::nonono:
  15. cmzaha

    Lard, Goat Milk, Sorbitol, Sodium Gluconate and Sodium Lactate

    I add Sorbitol to all my soaps regardless if using GM or not. I would dissolve all the additives other than the SL in the Liquid GM if that is what you are using. I use powdered GM since I soap with vinegar and 50/50 master batch and mix my additives in my vinegar.
  16. cmzaha

    Soap Nightmare!

    I totally agree with Kiwi and Ali. Your soap will not be lye heavy. I almost always have lots of soda ash when I use lavender, it does not hurt anything. As Alison mentioned above let your soap cure for eight weeks but it should be safe to use it just will not be at its best, if you want to try...
  17. cmzaha

    Kaolin Clay with Lard? Sorbitol... liquid or powder?

    It is great you found it helps but I will stick to my opinion that it does not and I have made a lot of soap with Kaolin and other clays. It is wonderful we all get to have our opinions. :D:D I have had Blood Orange that does hold and some that does not it seems to vary. For a while I was on a...
  18. cmzaha

    Mashed banana soap

    I can give you a little clue when soaping with bananas which I did often because I hated wasting bananas and did not make banana bread. We loved banana bread but did not need the calories, so I would use up my overripe bananas in a lot of my Dragon Blood soaps since they would turn brown. ;);)...
  19. cmzaha

    Kaolin Clay with Lard? Sorbitol... liquid or powder?

    I purchase my sorbitol from amazon
  20. cmzaha

    Kaolin Clay with Lard? Sorbitol... liquid or powder?

    I have used Sorbitrol for several years, always using powdered, because the liquid was more expensive, and use it at the rate of 1.1% of my total batch weight. So for my batches, I used 31g of sorbitol in my approx 2678g total weight batches which were a total of 1672g oils. I personally never...