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  1. Lyche

    Music tag ...

    xD not sure many soapers are on my vibe on this lol. Kane is the goat
  2. Lyche

    Felt Soaps

    My wife thinks they are gross and will clog the tub. I never tried to felt soap but sometimes i wanna make some to try it out. Does anyone have any experience with felting soap? Is it a bad idea or good project? Picture from a etsy shop not mine FeltingByLaura
  3. Lyche

    How do you cut your soap?

    Katana....if i lose my kitchen knife...:cool: That is only used for a soap knife?
  4. Lyche

    Music tag ...

    I listen to a lot of different types of music, Soap making , fishing, kayaking and my motorcycle are my escapes in life. Happy i found this community and the cool jams yall share with us. Kriss Kaliko This song is 🔥 Prof is my current top artist active and doing tours.
  5. Lyche

    I have returned!

    Welcome Back!!!
  6. Lyche

    Newbie from Nova Scotia

    I too get olive and coconut oil from Costco..that or Amazon when I cam find good prices.
  7. Lyche

    Newbie from Nova Scotia

    Welcome to the forums.
  8. Lyche

    Opacifying clear liquid soap to bright white

    When are you adding the titanium dioxide in the whole process? If after adding lye I would try to disperse your titanium dioxide in your oil base before adding the lye.
  9. Lyche

    How do we feel about canola (rapeseed) oil?

    When I first started making soap I would just plug anything into soap calculator. I made a few soaps with canola oil, all I remember is they were a bit softer on unmolding and a slime feeling lather, but this was a hogpog of everything in the cabinets. Also I use to use a lot more olive oil back...
  10. Lyche

    New person

    Welcome to the forums. I also make soap with lard and ones with no animal fat.
  11. Lyche

    Just heard Nature's Garden has been bought out by WSP

    Reviews got reset I believe. I just went and reviewed past FOs so people know
  12. Lyche

    Just heard Nature's Garden has been bought out by WSP

    Yeah I also had remake my account and all past orders gone. Reviews seem to be gone too
  13. Lyche

    Pumpkin Spice Latte, Rose clay and Charcoal

    Yeah there's airflow going through that thing. There is a big gap in the back on top.
  14. Lyche

    The word association game

  15. Lyche

    Music tag ...

  16. Lyche

    The word association game

  17. Lyche

    Pumpkin Spice Latte, Rose clay and Charcoal

    After cpop and gelling. Almost 13 hours later cut. Now back in a dark place for 4 weeks. Dang my house smells delicious! Can't even smell the lavender bars that were curing for last few days.
  18. Lyche

    UK Members-Help Please

    Oh I mean probably more like intrigued with questions. Like, were you an American now living in the UK? If not, how did you become both an American football fan and what I think is an American fragrance brand? If you are originally American then no need to explain 🤔 Well you don't need to...
  19. Lyche

    UK Members-Help Please

    A raiders fan in the UK? I'm confused. Brut is old school brand lol. Green bottles and packaging.
  20. Lyche

    The 4-letter game

    She'll Happily Eat Garlic BAAL