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    Natures garden

    I agree with Newsoap. I love NG. They have great customer service, the products are excellent. Plus if you have any doubts on how a FO is going to act they have tested all their FO's and have a list to show the results on their web site. And fast shipping too.
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    Explaining Lye...I nailed

    First off if this is in the wrong place Mods please move. When I first joined this forum some one posted a story on how lye and fats make soap by using drawings of wolves(lye) sheep(fats) and bunnies(soap) I thought it was cute and printed it out. Going thru some papers I found it and put it...
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    Stains from soap on ED Red Silicone molds

    Does anyone else have this problem? Time I unmold i put in warm soapy water and when it dries there are lines where the soap batter was. When I use it next and go to unmold the soap where the lines are the soap kind of sticks to it. Any suggestions on how to remove the stains? TIA
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    Question on adding weight of embeds

    When you do embeds do you subtract it's weight from your total oils for the size of the mold? EX: My total weight for mold is 38oz, but if my embed weighs 10oz's do I subtract it's weight from the oils to make 28oz's so that the total weight is 38oz's? I just can't think this TIA
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    Wooden molds for Essential Depot red silicone molds

    I did leave a very small gap to be able to get the mold out..I have had no problems with bowing yet.
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    Just "Plain Lye Soap"

    Most of the guys around here want "plain lye soap" I just make it with Lard...Found out they use it for catfish bait :lolno:
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    Wooden molds for Essential Depot red silicone molds

    I just measured the outside of the mold 12L 4w and i did 4 1/8 height I had them made with lids.
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    Wooden molds for Essential Depot red silicone molds

    Yep. I had to custom order them. Took about a week to get 4. Mick is a very good guy and does excellent work...Oh and fast shipping too.
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    Wooden molds for Essential Depot red silicone molds

    I ordered them from :
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    Wooden molds for Essential Depot red silicone molds

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] And they fit perfect...I got them with lids too. Very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship.
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    What do you think of this mold?

    I got my silicone molds from Essential Depot.
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    What do you think of this mold?

    I just put in a custom order with him. I ordered 4 molds to hold my silicone molds so that they will not bow.
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    What do you store your bulk items in?

    Hi all, just wanted to know what everyone stores their bulk (oils, lard, shortening) in..getting bigger orders and thought I would buy in bulk now, but I see that lard and shortening come in 50 lb cubes. How do you store cubes? Thanks for any info.
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    Anyone use PagePlus Cellular?

    I use PagePlus and love it. I also live in SC. Got mine thru Radio Shack. I live in the woods and have no problems. HTH
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    Adult themed fragrance oil

    Thanks so much for the replies ladies....I go from giggles to roflmao at some of the names they are going to go perfect with my theme.
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    Adult themed fragrance oil

    Yes. Thank you so much. I have Butt Naked, but not that
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    Adult themed fragrance oil

    Get ready for Valentines and I am going with adult themed scents. Anyone know of any suppliers? TIA Sonja
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    Plastic Bundt cake pan for Cold Process Soap making

    I was able to purchase the small silicone bunt cake pans at my local family dollar. I got 15 of them and they are a big hit at Christmas time.
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    Are they still in business? I have tried to contact them via email with no response. Web page said "Under construction". Just wondered if any one knows. TIA