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    Mayan Magic Soap Recipe

    Sodium lactate will make a harder bar of soap. I use it in my HP soap to make it more fluid and easier to pour into the mold. I don't believe it will lend any properties to the finished bar.
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    I get mine from a variety of different suppliers, including the ones you mentioned. Natures Garden is where most of my FO's come from. And also Candlescience.
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    What on earth is a "Suds Booster"??

    You might want to make sure that the different oils and butters you purchased are still good. You mentioned that they were passed down a couple times, so I would just make sure that they aren't spoiled or anything like that.
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    Lavendar/Vanilla FO

    I adore WSP's Sleep Time EO blend... it's Lavender and vanilla and smells sooo nice. Not medicinal at all!
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    odd and possibly unappealing smelling scents

    Saveonscents has quite a few novelty fragrances also. And some quite odd ones at that! lol is the link
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    Tea Tree Oil

    yeah I'm not a big fan of the smell either. I suffer through it (as do my kids) because it's what we use as a bug bite helper in the summer!
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    Please sign this petition to keep this offender in jail!

    Thank you so much! We're getting close, we just started this campaign last night and we're at 311 already! He goes up for parole in August, so it's looking VERY promising!!! :)
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    Please sign this petition to keep this offender in jail!

    I hope it's ok to post this here. ... rik-225237 I went to school with the victim. There is a link to the article from the Michigan paper where she tells a little bit of what she endured, including 20 years of therapy, and 7 corrective surgeries...
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    Body butter for kids

    I made a whipped butter for my son with the same dry skin issues. It was shea butter, hemp oil, borage oil, and argan oil. After only a few days of using it I noticed it clearing up. Really worked great!
  10. L having a sample sale!!!

    My fiance is my worst enabler. After I got my first shipment of 25+ FO's he told me I should go back and get more to stock up! LOL Good grief he's terrible!!!
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    "man" smells

    My guy is almost as bad an FO ho as I am! LOL I've tried quite a few men scents for him, but I think his favorite is Aqua Di Gio from NG. I just got in a sample of Knock Out from NG and I LOVE it! It's supposed to smell like Old Spice Swagger (I've never smelled that so I can't compare)...
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    making a perfume

    If you are wanting to make it to sell, you can't use vodka or everclear. For a spray I use cyclo and FO. Sometimes I add some FCO if I am using an FO that won't blend with just cyclo. The FCO addition sometimes helps it stay mixed. You can also get some perfumers alcohol for a spray, I think...
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    Best company for samples

    Natures Garden has 1oz bottles too. When you order 10 of them it's 50 cents off each bottle.. so comes to a lil over $20 for 10 1 ozers.
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    NOW I dont want to offend , but the Aussies will understand

    Oh my I loved this thread!!!!
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    OMG! I didn't even realize it was painted on until it was pointed out! Wowzers.. I got nothing else.... This is going on FB! lol
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    alas, hideous discoloration -- somali rose, black canyon

    Ohh you're too hard on yourself! I think they're gorgeous also!!!
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    Wholesale Handmade Soap Products from

    How are your soaps 100% natural if you have them scented like perfume? Your soaps are absolutely gorgeous. Are they MP soaps?
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    Question about waxes

    It probably would up the melt point, but it also might make it more draggy when applied to the skin. I just don't make the whipped butter in the summer months. Just too hard to try to figure out how to make it so it won't melt.
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    Body Butter Recipe

    The cyclomethicone and IPM helps make the butter more "glidy" and helps cut some of the greasiness out of it. You can definately make it without these..
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    Whipped Body Butter Recipe Question

    I use both cyclo and IPM in my body butter. But that definately takes away the 100% natural... You CAN keep it all natural, but you're going to have a greasier feeling afterwards. I've used cornstarch in mine when I first started making it, and like StinkyDancer, I don't like how it feels on...