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    To the UK soapers...?

    i use muuuch cheaper!
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    Beer and wine maker members

    I too make fruit wines, dangerously delicious, you have to be very careful, or you'll be under the table in no time! My favourite so far is damson, this will be my fourth year. The dandelion raisin wasn't so great, more like sherry!
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    Hair conditioner

    try using BTMS instead of E-wax, it is a conditioning emulsifier. Also use Jojoba oil, it works great in contitioners. You are also better off using % rather than tablespoons. You can weigh everything accurately, and add the correct % preservative too.
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    Help. Do I need insurance!!

    Hi there! Yes you will need insurance, and it'll cost about £60 ish a year. Do you already have an SA? Coz you need one of those too. If you don't they are £150-300 (one time only expense) depending upon who you go to and what it covers. Good luck!
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    Safety Assessments for CP in UK

    thankyou so much! I have just come back to bookmark the link!
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    Safety Assessments for CP in UK

    Yep, I'm with you there! Working full time, really does impede a hobby's progress! I did my first craft show in December, it went really well. I am booked into another for June, then hopefully I'll get my website working properly. It has had 'coming soon' on the front page for far too long...
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    Safety Assessments for CP in UK

    Hi Ceri! That is quite a good package being offered! I have endless CP/HP recipes for one price with my SA. I am very happy with it. I am however, very tempted by this multi product assessment, as I do make a huge range of different things, but at the moment I can only sell soap, even to...
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    Safety Assessments for CP in UK

    Hey there! I used 'The World of Moulds' route. However, since doing this, the soapkitchen, Gracefruit and others are now offering SA services.
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    Oh Bumbling Bubble Bar

    :oops: :oops: :oops: gosh! thankyou, that's so sweet of you! :oops:
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    Oh Bumbling Bubble Bar

    the green & white swirl were mine !! :oops: thankyou! I use, in this order: 1 cup slsa 2/3 cup cream of tartare 1 cup bicarb powdered colour to desired shade (I use TKB micas) add the liquid surfactant & honey to get damp cookie mixture, still crumbly, but holds when squished, then...
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    what am I forgetting?

    scissors, tape, pens, paper or notebook.
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    So pleased with myself

    oh my, those are delightful!
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    Taking photos??

    please don't laugh......... ......I made a light box out of an empty cardboard box and white inkjet paper! I just lined the box with the paper (I used photomount spray) and hey presto! :D
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    Salt bar without CO or PO

    for my salt bars I use 80% CO, 10% OO & castor. Superfat 20%. 65% salt. HTH?
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    sources of sodium hydroxide in the UK

    hello choppedlogic! I just buy from my local hardware store, 2kg = between £2.99 and £3.50 depending who I get it from. good luck! rp :)
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    UK Legislation on soap making & selling!

    Wow, thankyou! i am terrified just thinking about envelopes full of receipts & invoices, sounds too much like my job to me, 'cept i like to use multicoloured folders!! I think it'll be a while yet before I have enough to warrant collating! I only have one order so far, from a friend who...
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    UK Legislation on soap making & selling!

    Jeepers, Thanks Vivianne! What a lot of info! I was being tongue in cheek about the VAT (I do work full time, and I do the books there, so I know something about VAT, but only what I need to know!!) I agree with being a sole trader, much easier. My BF is a sole trader too, so he can help...
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    UK Legislation on soap making & selling!

    Hello to both of you! I am in the UK too, and have just got my assessment done via World of Moulds. However, I think the company has recently changed hands. SO, now I can sell soap, but only soap! Now comes the daunting task of discovering what other legal obstacles are lying in wait for a...
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    My first salt bars

    Wow, beautiful swirly salt bars! betya can't wait to use one?
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    How to make antiperspirant?

    the tapioca will absorb some moisture. :)