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    My cat...

    I'm so sorry about your cat. I lost my cat in May of last year and at the end she liked to go sit outside too and she was a total inside cat....maybe they just need the sunshine. So glad your cat had a long and very loved life, you are sweet to take such good care of her at the end.
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    7-up Cake

    Yummy...this sounds GOOD.
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    soap I made last w/e 2nd batch ever!

    That's really pretty.
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    Made my first salt bars

    Yum...I love lemon scents....I bet they smell good and they look nice and creamy too. I haven't tried salt bars yet.
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    Green Irish Tweed

    It Looks great to me. Bet is smells and feels Wonderful.
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    Question about textured tops on CP soap

    Thanks for the info. I am so excited about this new 6/12 mold so that I can try new things and only make 6 bars in case I mess something up. I'm going to try the textured tops tonight and will post a picture later.
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    Question about textured tops on CP soap

    First let me say I have never made CP soap...always made HP. But now that I have my new TOG slab mold I want to try CP so I can get some of those pretty textured tops. My question is if I let the soap gel will the textured top melt back into the slab? TIA
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    Recv'd my tog mold today.....

    Gallery Girl I keep thinking the same thing, I just hate to mess up this beautiful mold and get soap all over it.. :lol: But I am going to make my first batch in my new TOG mold tonight. Can't wait.
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    how long to wait???

    I agree. I let my HP sit for at LEAST two weeks, makes for a harder bar that last longer in the shower. Plus it just seems to mellow and the EO's blend together more with age (probably just in my imagination) but I like a well aged bar.
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    Unrefined Shea Butter

    I get my unrefined shea from I think I will go with refined next time. The smokey scent kind of gets to me...but at least it doesn't come thru in the soap. I also LOVE their avocado butter. I prefer it to unrefined shea and use the avo butter as a moisturizer straight on my skin.
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    Don't you just HATE that. Oh well, as long as you smell good to yourself, that's all that matters. :lol:
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    Batch #40 Name?

    It looks like Amber to about Orange Amber?
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    How wrong can they get it?

    I'm Sheri and of course no one EVER spells it right but I get called Sharon a lot??? That's not even close???
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    Whipped Kpangnan Butter

    That looks GOOD!! and I Love Lemons.
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    My other hobby

    Sewing the top part was easy since there are patterns in all kinds of books but putting together the quilt with the backing and then actually quilting was harder for me. But again there are some great books that can teach you all about it. I basically just taught myself. If I can do...
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    What do you think of this recipe?

    It looks good to me. Course I am not an expert by any means.
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    Making infused oils for CP soap making

    I have one of those tiny crock pots that comes free with the big ones, I think it's to keep dip warm....anyway I put my dried herbs in it and fill it with olive oil and plug it in for a couple of hours, then leave the lid on and let it sit overnight. The next morning I sniff the oil, if I want...
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    Humorous (or not) retirement plan

    hahahahah......I like that. I don't drink beer, but that is a funny thought :lol:
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    First Calf of '08

    How SWEET!!!
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    Whipped Soap!!

    Those are Wonderful. Is it CP? Does it float?