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  1. J

    How can I make this kind of soap at home?

    I feel silly now! I called them and talked to them and it is what you guys called cold process soap it's not melt and pour, but they told me they also don't use any animal fat only vegetable oils. I'll look into this website you guys sent me but I'm afraid I won't be able to do this in my...
  2. J

    How can I make this kind of soap at home?

    Just got this great soap from a company called Best Bath Store, Does anyone know how I can make soap like this at home? I tried melting some of their soap to reform into a mold but it didn't come out very good :([/url]
  3. J

    Tart Recipe - HOW 2 ??

    Interesting to know. I have some container wax lying around. Since you mentioned that some people do make tarts with container wax, I'm going to give it a try.
  4. J

    melting containers

    Wow, $600 for a melting pot is a lot. I hope it paid off for you. :)
  5. J

    A must read for first time candlemakers.....

    Thanks, this website has lots of great information for candle makers.
  6. J

    Gel Candle Pie Kits?

    What are pie candles? Are they just candles in a shape of a pie or in a scent of a pie?
  7. J

    Exploding bath salts

    Wow, that's terrible. I hope that nobody got hurt from exploding bath salts. maybe experimenting is not such a good idea.
  8. J

    Aloe infused socks?

    Never heard of aloe infused socks. Sounds funny, but I think it's worth a try. Aloe is very good for your skin. Why not?
  9. J

    Best scent in CP ever!!!

    Sounds like heaven. Experimentation can yield great results. :)
  10. J

    I'm seeing lots of great reviews about this company. I want to order some lilac and lavender.
  11. J

    wasabi from brambleberry

    Wow, this Wasabi soap looks great. I do like the swirls. :)
  12. J


    Sounds like a good combination to me. They should definitely give it a try and send us all free samples!:)
  13. J

    Great soap...but minor problem....

    They look really good. What's wrong with the way they are now?
  14. J


    You can't go wrong with Lavender or Rose. Good luck!
  15. J

    SMF is such a nice place

    Good point. We should all make an effort to keep up the credentials of this forum. :D
  16. J

    The photo thread!!

    Beautiful butterflies! Sorry, I have no pictures to post, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for the beauty captured in all of the pictured posted. Thank you!
  17. J


    I find it outrageous that companies use toxic materials to make baby products. This makes me sick. Why are there no strict regulations?
  18. J


    I've never tried buffalo meat. Maybe it's because I live in New England and it's much more rare to find it here. I'd like to try though. P.S "Buffalo buffalo buffalo. " is a real sentence.
  19. J

    How do you post pics?

    Thanks everyone. It's useful to know how to post pictures. :)
  20. J

    crazy (or not) instruments??

    I'm a shower singer too. I heard it's a good thing. It means you're a happy person. :D