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  1. Elizevt

    Recipe Feedback please, how do you think I can improve this soap?

    Hi there all. So I made a new soap. I would like to ask my fellow soapers and soaping gurus to have a look at the recipe and let me know what you think of it? Do you predict or expect anything negative from this recipe? or any oils that might cause a problem? Ps, I did keep the coconut oil...
  2. Elizevt

    😴😲 Tell us your weird, random or scary soaping nightmares / dreams

    Have you ever had a soaping nightmare or some really weird random soaping dream? Tell us your story. I work as a photographer. With my weddings, I put a lot of care and preparation into making sure I have all my gear ready with backup memory cards and batteries and lenses etc. I try to be...
  3. Elizevt

    DIY/repurposed mold and lining - Will this work

    Hi there all. I don't have a fancy silicone mold (I'm a bit financially challenged this month 🤭 ), so I am planning to DIY a mold for myself. I was thinking of using a sturdy Mailer box and lining it with something. I just realised that I have a roll of clear self-adhesive vinyl plasic...
  4. Elizevt

    Hi from South Africa 🇿🇦

    Hi there all. My name is Elize. I'm from Newcastle South Africa. Iv been doing melt and pour for about 2 years now, it's easy peasy and fun to do. But I have become very interested in CP soaps. I really want more flexibility in what I can add and what "flavor" soaps I can create. Iv been...