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  1. Marilyn Norgart

    Amazon Question

    I ordered from Amazon on Dec 24--yesterday the charge came out of my account and today the charge was gone. I called my bank who told me the problem is with Amazon, that the charge aged out and they have no record of it (I saw it in black and white in my account) so I called Amazon who told me...
  2. Marilyn Norgart


    ssome on gifted me a bottle of DoTerra Lavender--what should I do with it?
  3. Marilyn Norgart

    micas in soap versus bath bombs

    I have been doing a lot of reading on micas and bath bombs. but it has me questioning why a mica can be not safe for use on lips but can still be ok in soap--I wash my face with all my soap which in turn gets on my lips
  4. Marilyn Norgart

    Bath Bombs

    I just recently started making again--made a batch around 10 months ago and boy did they bomb. Anyway I just made three batches today and they seemed to have turned out YAHOO now I am giving myself a treat :) Bourbon Butter Pecan ice cream OMG its amazing
  5. Marilyn Norgart

    Plastic jars/lids

    Where do you guys find your 8oz lids and jars? I found some on amazon for .41 for the jar and .18 for the lid--good price. then they tacked on $10 for small order (I thought ok, will do this cuz I wanna make sure its what I want) then that turned into an over $40 order cuz shipping was over...
  6. Marilyn Norgart

    crumbly soap

    I made a soap that it cracked on the top like a cobblestone pavement and when I took it out of the molds it broke up and it also expanded in the mold (I actually used two different molds and the single mold is the one it raised out of it a bit) its the recipe I always use and I tested it for...
  7. Marilyn Norgart

    Drains and handmade soap

    in the last month I have had 2 people tell me they cant use handmade soap cuz it will plug up their drains. I have explained that once the lye and oil mix it creates a chemical reaction called saponification and the lye is no longer lye and the oil is no longer oil--it is soap. is there...
  8. Marilyn Norgart

    salt bars extra scummy?

    took a bath with a salt bar and it left a lot of scum on top of the water, is this normal with salt bars?
  9. Marilyn Norgart

    Salt Bars

    I have been reading the post on salt bars off and on today. It got me to thinking about mine that I hid in my closet. I checked and they are 2 weeks shy of a 6 month cure. I tried them and OMG they are amazing. Such thick creamy suds--I am impressed :) :) :)
  10. Marilyn Norgart

    what I did with a fugly soap

    this soap was a HP booboo but smells very nice so I decided to try my hand at felting. It was fun to do, now I need to use a bar to see if I got it tight enough (I think I did). I have 3 mores bars to wrap--I would like to get good enough to make for friends for xmas gifts. I might get one of...
  11. Marilyn Norgart

    cut this this morning :)

    this soap is scented with Empress from Nurture and colored with Gold and Copper from M&M. its as close to perfect as I can get it :) I think the scent and colors and design work well together
  12. Marilyn Norgart

    soap felting

  13. Marilyn Norgart

    Ylang Ylang

    I really can not decide if I like this one or not. it always smells familiar and the last time I smelled the bars I just made with it, it hit me...….I think it smells a little like ben gay. what do you guys think of this essential oil?
  14. Marilyn Norgart

    lotion crafters

    don't know if this is the right place or not!!!! I put in my first order with them yesterday and I am wondering how fast they ship?
  15. Marilyn Norgart

    Totally confused

    i made a GM soap today using the gm ice cubes with the lye--it went really smooth and I threw it in the freezer at 80 degrees--just cut it and it did a partial gel. 13 oz lard 8.5 coconut oil 9.5 safflower oil 4.5 lye 10.2 ice cubes ylang ylang which was supposed to accelerate but it didnt what...
  16. Marilyn Norgart

    lotion bars with honey powder

    i have been making lotion bars from a recipe I found on this site 2oz beeswax 1oz shea butter 1oz cocoa butter 1oz sweet almond oil 1oz jojoba oil 1/8-1/4oz honey powder 1/8-1/4oz starch 1/8-1/4oz scent mica I use 2 oz of shea butter instead of using the cocoa butter and stopped using the mica...
  17. Marilyn Norgart


    just looking at who was online and saw there are 171 Robots on. What is that about?
  18. Marilyn Norgart

    Safflower oil

    has anybody else been having a hard time getting safflower oil??
  19. Marilyn Norgart

    does baking soda go bad??

    I have been testing bath salts and I tried again this morning and dropped all the water out of the recipe. when I was mixing it up I grab the wrong thing and added cornstarch instead of baking soda and it came out beautiful with no lumps. re-made using baking soda with out the water and I...
  20. Marilyn Norgart

    Bath Salts

    I have been trying to make bath salts for about 1/2 a year off and on with bad results. I have been using: 1c Epsom salts 1c sea salts 1/4c baking soda essential oils coloring water I have tried using poly sorbet 80 (sp?) I have tried baking them I have tried using different amounts of water...