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  1. SPowers

    Shampoo Bar

    Hi all... I made and started using my first shampoo bar. I like it - sort of but I want to tweak the recipe. My scalp is oily and I'm prone to a bit of psoriasis. I'm wondering if I can add a little 'clay' to my recipe? I'm also wondering if I can add some AC to it. Not necessarily both at...
  2. SPowers

    Infusing oils

    Hi everyone... can I infused fresh basis, rosemary or sage into olive oil for using in cp soap? I have more than I need and thought maybe.... ?? Thanks,
  3. SPowers

    Finally using cured soap

    I finally got to use one of my cured soaps. I like it quite a lot but one thing I'm having trouble with. When I use the soap, I can't determine if the actual 'feel' of the soap is silky or slimy! I used the soap in the shower and quite like it - my skin feels nice and doesn't feel dry or...
  4. SPowers

    Using a homemade cylinder

    I was having trouble calculating the volume of a Pringle's can... I found a thread with the formula but the light wasn't going on! I ended up using the Soapmaking Recipe builder and only half filled the can. I just watched a video and realized I wasn't 'squaring' the radius and when I do the...
  5. SPowers

    Stick Blenders

    When I started this journey, I bought a cheapish stick blender from Amazon. It actually worked fine but what I didn't r!ealize when I bought it, was that the stick did not separate from the blender - making it a real mess to clean. After several soaps, I decided I would use the stick blender...
  6. SPowers

    Lard Soap

    I made my first lard soap yesterday.... trying to recreate a drop swirl I saw on Youtube. It didn't turn out too badly but the 3rd colour which was basically a blend of the 2 main colours (orange and pink) didn't really do anything. My wishful thinking that a medium toned pink mica would...
  7. SPowers

    New Soap

    I just finished making a new recipe - basically a Bastille soap I think. 75% OO; 25% CO. It called for some honey & colloidal oatmeal. The only thing I did differently was to add some TD to one pot and Matcha Green Tea powder to 2 other pots with some TD in one to make it lighter. It all...
  8. SPowers

    Green Tea Extract

    Has anyone used this ingredient? I bought some and was going to use it in a recipe but when I opened it, I was surprised how dark it was. Since I had a white batter I decided against using it for fear it would darken the batter. Would anyone who has used it please give me your thoughts on...
  9. SPowers

    A question about salt soaps

    I've been reading a bit about salt soaps and realize that a high % of Coconut Oil is necessary to have suds/lather/bubbles. Since CO can cause irritation on some skins, what counteracts that in salt soap - is it the salt itself? So much to learn - so many questions! TIA
  10. SPowers

    Masterbatch lye/water

    Does anyone here use a masterbatch for their lye/water? I made one a week ago or so. Used it for the first time the day after making with no difficulties. 4 days later, I made another batch of soap and when I opened the masterbatch, it was thick and gloppy. I stirred it up quite a bit but it...
  11. SPowers


    Hi - I just made this soap 2 days ago... I posted on a thread earlier with pics. I had some issues with is but mostly regarding acceleration and how messy it was to get in the mold... they turned out really nice. Last night I noticed some some yellow spots - a pic is attached with the biggest...
  12. SPowers

    Liquid Colorants

    Has anyone used liquid colorants as opposed to micas? These seem like they'd be a good option but would like feedback before proceeding. Thanks,
  13. SPowers

    Using Hibiscus

    I was just looking at another thread on using Hibiscus but no comments were allowed so I've started a new one. I'd like to use Hibiscus tea as part of my lye water. Someone said to make the tea first. Would you put the brewed tea into the lye or into the batter. I have a masterbatch so there...
  14. SPowers

    Slow to trace

    I made a beeswax & honey soap today and was surprised how long it took to get to trace. A nice problem to have in my opinion. I thought it might be worse because of the beeswax but there was only 24 grams so not that much. Is it the combination of oils that caused slow trace? I added...
  15. SPowers

    Coconut Pulp

    Today I made Coconut Milk and I was wondering if the residual coconut pulp could be used in soap? TIA
  16. SPowers

    How Long Before Unmolding

    Hi... just made my 2nd batch of soap. I've seen many recipes that say to unmold after 24 hours but then I've seen a number that say 48 hrs or more. Is there a rule of thumb. I poured this last batch at 2pm yesterday so I have about 4 hrs to go but the top seems really 'sticky'. Appreciate...
  17. SPowers

    Body Butters

    I've made a couple of batches of body butter but I find it goes somewhat hard after sitting. It melts easily and is absorbed by the skin, but I am really looking for that soft, fluffy texture. Does anyone have a tried and true combination of oils & butter that would give me the preferred...
  18. SPowers


    I am new to the cold process soap making. I've purchased a few different oils, but it seems the recipes I've looked at always have an oil I don't have! My question is this: can I substitute canola oil for a different oil? The recipe I want to make has the following oil combinations: 10.2...
  19. SPowers

    New to Soapmaking

    Hi I am brand new to soap making - cold process that is. I've made some soap of the melt & pour variety but want to venture out a bit more. I bought a boatload of ingredients and supplies last fall but they still are waiting to be used. I'm not a science nerd and find a lot of the discussion...