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    Indigo powder is green?

    Wonderful colour👌👌. How long did the stay without fading??How much green indigo powder did u use??
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    Soap making ingredients suppliers in India

    Hi..I'm searching for good quality soap bases for my business. I've tried bases from Limeart but even the goat milk base is drying out my skin. I've purchased different products from them & I'm quite satisfied but their bases are not suitable for me. Could u guys pls suggest some soap base...
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    Soy wax in cp soaps - India

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. So kind of u🙏🙏
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    Soy wax in cp soaps - India

    Hi..I purchased soy wax from Art Vaatika Institute. The cost is ₹295/kg which is cheaper than vijay impex & Vedaoils. I'll be making a test batch next week. Will report back. COA has been attached🙂 Hi..Where do you purchase sustainable palm??
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    Refined vs Unrefined oils in cp soaps

    Hi seniors..I've been soaping for the past 3 years and started selling this year. So far no complaints from customers and all going good. I'm using olive(pomace), RBD palmolein, coconut (cold pressed), castor(cold pressed), approx 10% of butters(Kokum & Shea) in my recipes. I made a test batch...
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    Soy wax in cp soaps - India

    Ok. Thank you so much..
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    Soy wax in cp soaps - India

    That's really great. What other oils do you use in your soap and if u don't mind sharing, could you please tell me how much % of soy wax you've used?
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    Soy wax in cp soaps - India

    Veda oils - Soy wax COA
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    Soy wax in cp soaps - India

    Thank you so much. I'll make a batch and let you know the results.
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    Soy wax in cp soaps - India

    Oh ok ok. Actually I tried to order soy wax from Veda but it is out of stock itseems and the links are not working too. I'll speak to the customer care and get back to u. Oh ok Oh ok. Did you use it?? What variety of soy wax does Vijay impex sell? Can it be used for soap making?
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    Zany's Palm olive

    Thanks for the recipe @Zany_in_CO. Can I replace palm kernel flakes with coconut oil??
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    Recipe critique - high palm soap

    Beautiful 👌👌...Have you used the soap??
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    Soy wax in cp soaps - India

    Hai.. I would like to try a batch of cp soap using soy wax. Thank you so much @KiwiMoose and @Zany_in_CO for the information that you've provided regarding soy wax usage and all the threads were really interesting. Has anyone from India tried soy wax in their cp soaps? Veda oils provide soy wax...
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    Soy Wax Users

    Hi..Did you try this recipe? I'm from India and have a thought to try soy wax from vedaoils in cp soaps.
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    Fragrance oil suppliers in India??

    Hi..Has anyone purchased Palm oil from Aethon International? They said it is RSPO and they have mentioned it as cold pressed carrier oil. Palm oil will be coming under refined category right except the red palm oil??
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    Solid dishsoap recipe

    Thank you so much for your suggestion.I'll make a batch and let you know how it came out. How about the cure time? Can we use it in 2 days or we've to cure them for 4 to 6 weeks to know the results? Actually I've already tried making a 100% palmolein soap with 0% super fat for laundry few...
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    Solid dishsoap recipe

    Yes but in India we don't use any animal fats. I'm planning to make a dish soap with 50% coconut oil, 40% palmolein and the rest a combination of castor and neem oil for its antibacterial properties, soapnut lye solution with citric acid(gonna use for the 1st time) & 0% superfat. Will this workout??
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    Solid dishsoap recipe

    @Saponificarian What is negative superfat?? Won't the soap be lye heavy?? Incase you use palmolein, at what percentage do you recommend for a dish soap??
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    Goats milk powder

    Hello ma'am, I'm gonna make a baby bastille soap this week. I would like to replace the water portion with cow's milk and add goat milk powder too. Before freezing the milk, can I add the powder to the milk, mix well and then freeze?? If so, how much powder should be added per pound of oils...