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  1. Saponificarian

    Scent Memory Vs. 1617 Vs. Makesy

    Unfortunately, no.
  2. Saponificarian

    Sweet Orange (Finally!)

    I like it! I really like the Goji Tarroco Orange from Candles and Supplies. The dry down is better than from my original supplier. That one has a boiled orange weird smell in liquid soap. Plus its much cheaper too!
  3. Saponificarian

    Fragrance Sale Item 60% reduced

    Thanks for this! What’s the longevity in bath bombs? I have never bought anything from the mbecause I had read reviews that their FOs are heavily diluted and subpar. Great to read another perspective on FNWL.
  4. Saponificarian

    Palm Oil Substitute

    I am going to be the odd one out and say do a test batch with lard. It smells like old oil and wonky after a few months to me. I have had much better results with Shea. Downside is you need extra weeks of cure time if you use past a certain percentage in your recipe but it’s worth it. ETA...
  5. Saponificarian

    How do Canadian soap makers stay in business?

    I am quite sure the Water Orchid FO you want to buy from Candora is from Wholesale Supplies Plus. Why not buy directly from WSP?
  6. Saponificarian

    EOs in water

    I would include a preservative just to be safe.
  7. Saponificarian

    How do Canadian soap makers stay in business?

    We grin and bear it.. I sell only to friends and family so they pay the price I set for my products. They know they can't get the same quality anywhere else, tailored to their skin, taste and fragrance. I found that I had to sell to keep my hobby going or I would beggared myself.
  8. Saponificarian

    Sweet Orange (Finally!)

    Thank you! I will know in 2 weeks if it is a great buy or a dud 😅
  9. Saponificarian

    Around the World Fragrance Suggestions

    For Africa, Maybe a Shea and Coconut FO? This comes to mind Crafter
  10. Saponificarian

    ISO usage rate, Gemlite Oak Moss

    The Oakmoss from Gemlite is heavily diluted. I would suggest you reach out to them to ask with what and at what concentration as that will inform the percentage you can use in soap.
  11. Saponificarian

    Sweet Orange (Finally!)

    @Jersey Girl I see you bought your Tangerine from Candles and Supplies. Have you tried their Goji Tarroco Orange FO?
  12. Saponificarian

    Essential oil Resources

    I was looking for a place to share this information with people that use essential oils and couldn’t find any resources thread. I know there are information embedded in different threads, but I think it would be great to have one dedicated to sharing resources and blending tips. Here is one...
  13. Saponificarian

    Patchouli Price drop:New Directions Aromatics

    I have been wanting to invest in Patchouli to age for like 5 years and went on NDA to see 8% drop in price! With the 5% off total discount came to a whopping 13%. Just thought to share in case anyone else is in need of patchouli and they sell the best Cedarwood Himalayan too! At least the...
  14. Saponificarian

    Brambleberry Black Friday Deal

    I know right but I checked out anyways :oops:
  15. Saponificarian

    Brambleberry Black Friday Deal

    Is anyone else having issues checking out of BB website? Here I am feeling guilty as I have too much FOs but wanted Frosted Fir and Electric Lemonade but no, checkout not working because they have too many people checking out or connection error! Oh well, I tried :rolleyes: There is inflation...
  16. Saponificarian

    How do we feel about canola (rapeseed) oil?

    I am jealous. I love Rapeseed oil.
  17. Saponificarian

    Something similar to BB Spiced Red Tea

    I love that FO too. I am hoarding my 16oz bottle. I think the closest I have smelled is Raw cinnamon and Clove from Makesy. Not B & B safe though
  18. Saponificarian

    Clean FO/EO for shampoo/conditioner bars

    Eucalyptus and Cotton smells like posh Eucalyptus
  19. Saponificarian

    Scent Memory Vs. 1617 Vs. Makesy

    I got some samples from Scent Memory so I am able to answer this question now. For me, here is how I rank these FO suppliers. 1. Makesy - WoodenWick - The best! Quality is top notch with the perfume quality I have been looking for, with huge variety. 2. 1617 - She is definitely giving Makesy a...
  20. Saponificarian

    No stir palm oil east coast canadian sources