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    Making bath bombs in high humidity

    I did. I'm not sure what the photo was, but it was definitely the high humidity.
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    Flat bottom bath bombs

    I did bubble wrap over foam and it seemed to work well. I also just got a ton of shipping trays used for apples from work, so I'm anxious to see how those do.
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    BA Shipping times

    It took almost a solid two weeks for my last order to make it to me. I ordered on a Thursday evening. Didn't ever get a confirmation email. Called on Monday, they told me it was a "heavy" order but would be taken care of that day. Got the "UPS label has been created" notification that...
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    Weighty issues

    I'm just saying... If I have to fight with getting the labeled weight in my bottles of lotion, these other folks better be fighting with their stuff too! 😂
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    Making bath bombs in high humidity

    I live in central Texas also and was having a horrible time with my bath bombs. I swallowed my pride and actually bought a recipe from I figured it would at least give me a starting point. Thus far, it's been great and I've had no problems at all.
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    This is why I make soap!

    I ordered 4 oz through Uline, which work out perfect for a 2 oz bar. Relatively cheap, too.
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    Ode to Castor oil

    It will DEFINITELY clean you out. May even make you wonder if your internal organs are now external.
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    Teenage Acne

    I I started on birth control when I was 14 for problems with my period. My skin was absolutely clear until later on in adulthood when I stopped taking the pills. Now I'm a 42 year old woman with acne. Go figure... However, using my goat milk soap and then salt soap later has helped...
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    Goat milk lotion shelf life

    I'm using goat milk, distilled water, e-wax, shea butter, avocado oil, almond oil, stearic acid, and fragrance. Then the germaben, of course. Everything gets washed with hot water and detergent, then sprayed with alcohol. Plastic bottles with a pop up disc dispensing cap. I ordered foil...
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    Goat milk lotion shelf life

    I've started making goat milk lotion. With a preservative, (currently using germaben), how long a shelf life can I expect?
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    Hello everybody! So... I ended up trying to make soap in order to justify having goats. I wanted cute fuzzy creatures, but my husband wasn't really into it. I was going to try saying that I wanted to make cheese from the milk, but I'm a terrible cook, so that wasn't gonna work. Soap seemed...