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  1. Johnez

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    The scent is not weak that is for sure. I've read mixed reviews on WSP re: strength, however in following the guidelines (27 grams in my 455 grams oil) I can smell it in half my apartment as its curing in my closed linen closet right now. I personally enjoy it, however I can't speak to the...
  2. Johnez

    Refined shea vs unrefined

    It's pretty funny reading the reviews over at WSP for unrefined Shea. Apparently it smells like baby poop or pickles to some. For me it was a earthy woody smell, almost like pulling out an old drawer from an antique chest. Very natural and I imagined would have been a neat fit into a natural...
  3. Johnez

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Interesting! Did you have a local source for the goat tallow?
  4. Johnez

    Daystar Order

    I checked out their Facebook page and she's listed a phone number to contact her when her land line went down: 713-213-1645 If she has a land line listed, might be a good idea to try that first.
  5. Johnez

    Peppermint and.....

    Vanilla, tonka bean, or something related. I have a hair pomade that smells of this combo and it's fantastic.
  6. Johnez

    Coconut and Sandalwood? Opinions?

    Not a big fan of coconut, but that profile looks amazing.
  7. Johnez

    Favorite WSP fragrances?

    25% off sale is on again. I'm thinking of picking up some bottles to go with an order. For anyone curious to try something new Cool Citrus Basil 422 is pretty dang good IMO.
  8. Johnez

    If I make an all oil soap with superfat...will there be oil left over?

    Thank you. I tried searching for the answer but I couldn't isolate the search. I kind of figured this would be the case.
  9. Johnez

    Testing FOs/EOs & Colorants in CP

    Awesomeness Zany, and bumparino.
  10. Johnez

    A Cream Soap Tutorial

    Holy cow thanks for sharing! I really hope it is back in stock by late January and not a place holder message.
  11. Johnez

    If I make an all oil soap with superfat...will there be oil left over?

    The question occurred to me while trying to replace coconut oil in one of my soaps. Can a soap with 100% liquid oil (such as RBO) have a superfat? Being that the superfat wouldn't react with lye, will there be a risk for an oily soap? Or does it incorporate somehow?
  12. Johnez

    Favorite and most hated oils to use?

    I remember searching for RBO and coming cross big jugs of it at the farm stores, maybe for horses? Anyway, I've found smaller bottles locally and at a decent price from Asian markets close to me. If you have any ethnic grocery stores ya might want to check them out. I've found all sorts of...
  13. Johnez

    Does it matter? Olive Oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Curious if regular olive oil is susceptible to adulteration as EVOO. I really don't care for the EVOO and the regular stuff stays a nice color in the end product (white).
  14. Johnez

    First Market

    Good points, outdoors is fraught with chaos.
  15. Johnez


    That is super cool. I'm wondering if these are gonna end up in a historical place or museum.
  16. Johnez

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Yes, and a mini blender as well. I For extremely small batches I've found a small Tupper ware container and microwave are suitable and more accurate.
  17. Johnez

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    A few things I will say-RBO did not turn out a smashing success I had hoped for. Might work well as a supporting player, but nothing to write home about when it's what the recipe is built on. The 50% steric+palmitic acid rule shall not be broken, and preferably 60%, however my best batch was at...
  18. Johnez

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Great-thanks for asking! I've built up a collection and they take forever to use lol. Still that's my jam, so gonna keep perfecting and trying new things.
  19. Johnez

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made a CP bath soap, first batch of the year, but also first batch in a LONG time. A modest 1 lb loaf that'll make four bars, no colors but scented with Cool Citrus Basil from Crafters Choice. Everything went well and now we wait.
  20. Johnez

    First Market

    This is all great stuff Gecko. I was thinking of what soapy crafty thing one could do while at the stand waiting for customers that might draw interest-maybe cutting, planing, or trimming the soap. Or packaging it.