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    What is Yoni soap? What makes a soap safe for the vagina ?

    >I don't think anyone who uses soap down there is actually washing up inside, I know I'm not but I do wash everything external.< Just found this thread. We in the USA now shower more than tub bathe. Our "Lady Gardens" don't get much attention to just plain old water, this way. In a bath, the...
  2. K

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Ah, like a solid laundry bar.
  3. K

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    OK, how do you make the Stain Sticks????
  4. K

    Cupuacu and Kokum butters for first lotion bars?

    You are using soft oils, try Coconut oil or Cocoa butter. I use both in my lotion bars and they are not greasy.
  5. K

    DIY Laundry Detergent

    I make my own laundry soap with 1 bar Fells naphta bar, borax and washing soda. I use white vinegar in the rinse and always wash with cold water. I had my washing machine serviced and the tech wanted to know how much I used the machine. I told him 16 wash loads a week. He told me my washer...
  6. K

    Lotion bar evangelism

    Wow, mine go for $10.00us and I am a bargain! Mine are 2oz and in a flat round tin.
  7. K

    New little man

  8. K

    This Christmas Eve

    Thank you for doing a job that is thankless. I did clean up for the Tirage section of my local ER when I was 17, and thought I wanted to be an RN. Not for me! I did study with a Midwife down in Texas, but moved up to PA when Hubby got retired from the USAF, after 10 years in. My schooling...
  9. K

    Help with hair

    I agree. Before I had my head shaved, my hair was down to mid thigh. Cancer treatments made this nectary. No problem at all with the health of my hair from a lye soap shampoo bar.
  10. K

    Subsequent Thread Titles

    Oooh! This one sounds like a GOOD one!
  11. K

    Life Changing 3 Weeks

    Zany, You were given a privilege that many don't have. I grieve with you, but also rejoice that you had such a wonderful time with your husband. I will keep you in my prayers.
  12. K

    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    how to put lard on labels This would make the package extra slippy, which could be a good thing.
  13. K

    My creepy spiders

    Remind me to stay away from where you live!
  14. K

    My creepy spiders

    No, he can eat the small crickets.
  15. K

    My creepy spiders

    Lucas was found in the house. My granddaughter fell in love with him, so he is a pet. IDK how big he will get, he is tiny and the smallest crickets are bigger than he is.
  16. K

    My creepy spiders

    We have a very small (think pinkie finger nail size) Wolf spider here. His name is Lucas. He is so small his enclosure hides him well.
  17. K

    Shampoo bar questions

    True, but I believe the learning curve is the same.
  18. K

    Shampoo bar questions

    I had hair down past my butt. I use my own cp shampoo, no junk, just soap. It has had raving reviews as to how well it works. I also make a solid conditioner, which I put on my ends and up to a "pony tail length. When I shaved my head prior to my 1st Chemo, the hair was very healthy and had...
  19. K

    O Christmas Tree

    Absolutely beautiful! Great work Zing!