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  1. Steve85569

    The 4 Cs CP Soap

    Just me. I'm old so it's a bit too cleansing for me. It should make a nice soap though. Pictures or it never happened. We like pictures of soap here.:nodding:
  2. Steve85569

    Soap is crumbling

    Must have been way too tired when they said that. Every time I've had a problem it just caused three or four more recipes to magically appear.
  3. Steve85569

    Yet Another Newbie

    Welcome to the forum! We are NOT obsessed. Honest.:nodding: :lol:
  4. Steve85569

    Don't Worry

    Update! I'm out of the hospital (again). I'm off all but one heart med and feeling much better. A magnesium shortage in the body can be fatal. Please have yours checked the next time you have a blood test. MOST doctors do not check it without being asked. Took 3 ambulance trips and arriving at...
  5. Steve85569

    Don't Worry

    I have been a man of faith since December of 1999. I drank myself to death early that month. I have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body. Every day is just one day. I live by the Grace and Mercy that has been given to a dead man for nearly 23 years. When I step through the next door...
  6. Steve85569

    Don't Worry

    Has become my theme. My daughter and youngest daughter came to visit last summer. When my granddaughter went back to school she came home excited one day - " We learned Grampa's song in music today". Touched me in an unexpected way. I am no longer receiving any curative care so I play this one...
  7. Steve85569

    Mom's long journey

    My very late condolences to you and yours my friend.😭
  8. Steve85569

    How to Make Soap - Soapmaking Guide for Beginners

    Thank you Zany for the much better explanation of why I had the problem with "pyrex". It makes sense since I too have been around long enough to have used both types of the brand. And thank you for the link as well!!
  9. Steve85569

    Let's play Good News / Bad News

    Good news - I got a new cardiologist the beginning of May. The bad news - He gives me more and different meds every twos weeks. And LOTS of tests. On the other hand I'm feeling enough better that I'm online again...
  10. Steve85569

    Post your happy

    Happy to just be alive at this point. Good to "see" you all!!!
  11. Steve85569

    Do short shelf life oils make short shelf life soaps?

    The sodium acetate is added to the water before the sodium hydroxide (lye) . It does not dissolve as easily as the hydroxide so giving it some time to rehydrate is nice. Alternately you can use vinegar for a portion of you liquid BUT you should remember that is is acidic and should be...
  12. Steve85569

    How to Make Soap - Soapmaking Guide for Beginners

    Pyrex should not be used in soap making for two reasons. 1.) the lye and mixing will over time cause the glass to begin to erode. This means that very small bits of glass are going in the soap. 2.) I have had the exciting experience of having the pyrex *click* and break. Of course you are free...
  13. Steve85569

    CP Soap Curing time Speed up Possible??

    Soap and wine finish their respected chemical reactions fairly quickly. Both are better aged properly. While their are some methods for speeding both in my humble opinion they do not produce a product with the same character and the traditional hand crafting methods. That is the whole point of...
  14. Steve85569

    Always need lotion after my soap!

    I have found as several others have that a cleansing number below 12 works well for me. My old skin just doesn't need the oils removed as much as it did a "few" years ago. After watching and listening here - and getting involved in a soap swap. I now use just a few oils and butters. Coconut...
  15. Steve85569

    How many different oils do you use in your soap?

    I am stuck on 4 or 5 oils. Long shelf life and easy for me. That and we like the soap in my family. Good lather and not too oil stripping on my old skin. Shea, Coconut, Lard, Castor and soy wax. Most times a touch of sodium citrate and sodium acetate just for fun.
  16. Steve85569

    How Important is Sodium Lactate?

    Still haven't used SL. I do use salt or vinegar. I've even made sodium acetate out of vinegar and dried it for storage. I measure mass in grams and soap by mass - not weight. I do still measure volume with imperial measurements. Probably because all the good cookie ( cracker to some of you)...
  17. Steve85569

    This is why I make soap!

    Yep. All of the above. My son and his husband will stop by to visit and raid the soap basket. They also help keep my habit supplied. I got loaf molds and cutters for my recent birthday.
  18. Steve85569

    The "One Recipe" Theory - Question

    I use 2% citric to the weight of oils. .02 x weight of oils = weight of citric acid to be added. To compensate to neutral the multiplier that I use is 0.624. Weight of citric acid x 0.624 is the weight of sodium hydroxide to be added. Example: Batch is 794 grams of oil. 794 x .02 = 15.9 grams...
  19. Steve85569

    recipe tinkering

    And then there's lard... Not sorry😬🤭
  20. Steve85569

    Christmas 2020

    Cookies are in the oven....