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    Dual Lye Ingredients listing (Canada)

    That’s a good point and you are right. My space for labels is small so I was looking to save space. I will find a way to get it all in there. Thank you!
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    Dual Lye Ingredients listing (Canada)

    Yes definitely in descending order. So if I have Olive oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in descending order of amounts, and use K and NaOH for Lye (60:40) I’m wondering if I can save space by placing Potassium ahead of Sodium when referring to the saponified oils. Ie Potassium/Sodium Olivate...
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    Dual Lye Ingredients listing (Canada)

    Hello! I have been following the Health Canada guidelines for listing out of pot ingredients (saponified ingredients) when using NaOH as normal. However my shave soap is Dual Lye, so it also uses KOH, at a higher usage than NaOH. When I list the saponified ingredients, for example olive oil...
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    Coconut and Olive oil only - what do you recommend?

    I have used this one from Ellys Everyday Soap Making. I cured it for 2 months and it was soooo lovely. It gets more so (lovely) as it cures longer as well. I’m in BC Canada so perhaps our temps help as I didn’t have to wait a year. Hope it helps! Pin by Debbie Gibson Schuler on Soap | Soap
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    Stearic Spots in CP soap

    I love the soap! My first though was Titanium Dioxide as that happens to me. Little flecks as it’s hard to immerse sometimes, even with doing it ahead of time. I’ve never heard of Stearic spots so now I need to investigate that!