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  1. SaltedFig

    GLDA, a modern alternative to EDTA

    I posted this information in another thread, but I'm placing the information here so it can be easily found. EDTA EDTA, created in 1935, is a persistant organic pollutant (or POP). EDTA is not biodegradeable, is fossil-fuel based, is...
  2. SaltedFig

    Profile picture oversized for new "Members List"

    3 issues associated with the Registered Members List: 1) The profile picture is larger in the list of members. (+ the lines between are double the size too) Recent threads profile picture size (good!): Registered Members list (profile pictures and spaces between are too large): 2)...
  3. SaltedFig

    January 2019 SMF Challenge - DOTS Entry Thread

    Time for some DOTS! :) Welcome to the SMF January 2019 challenge DOTS Entry Thread This months challenge is visual, so the minimum entry is one photo of your soap, however we love a good soap story here, so please include a description of your idea and how you created your challenge soap...
  4. SaltedFig

    SMF January 2019 SOAP Challenge - DOTS!

    This months challenge is ... DOTS! Inspired by the amazing artwork of one of our newer SMF members, and an interesting question on how to make soap that would change colour as it was used, this months challenges is all about DOTS! The soap itself should be simple in design, so the feature is...
  5. SaltedFig

    Music tag ...

    We begin a new year. Lets begin with MUSIC ... :) Jessica ... And more Aussie, Xavier this time ... Some salt (and a little more sea) ... ... famously Gotye Avicii - Wake me Up (when I'm older ...) Fine ... ;)
  6. SaltedFig

    Additives in soapmaking - What do we need to consider?

    Over in the Soapmaking Friend forum, there's an enormous amount of work being done to make the FREE soap calculator. A programmer has been hired, and lots of SMF people have joined together to add their collective knowledge to work towards making this calculator the best it can be! One of the...
  7. SaltedFig

    Allergies and the zap test ...

    I am no longer convinced that a general recommendation to zap test soap is a great idea. We often get people who started soaping because of sensitivities, or people who make their own products and ask about oils and gloves, or people who ask how to avoid triggering allergies in either...
  8. SaltedFig

    SMF Soap Challenges ... across the years

    Our SMF soapmaking challenges have been running for over three years. As always, they are hosted by members of this forum and the contestants receive no prize for their winning entries ... except, perhaps, for the adulation of their peers. This is a look back, across history, at the...
  9. SaltedFig

    “Made from people for people”

    "Made from people for people" ... is the by-line of an art exhibition. Tickets have just been released for next years Adelaide Festival. Part of the exhibition is a display of a liposuction video ... and soap made from human fat The 125g bars are for sale ... for $32 each. (Would you buy...
  10. SaltedFig

    SMF October 2018 Challenge - Travel Soap Entry Thread

    This is the Official Entry Thread for the October 2018 SMF Challenge - Travel Soap Please post your entry soap photos here. You may introduce your entry as desired, with a backstory or description of your soap, recipe, fragrance, experience with the technique or process also. Multiple photo's...
  11. SaltedFig

    SMF October 2018 Challenge - Travel Soap!

    This months challenge is ... Travel Soap! How many times have you gone on holidays and wanted to take your own soap with you? Or walked into a public restroom, to be faced with an empty liquid soap container, or a bar that you probably don't want to be touching ... or nothing at all (just water...
  12. SaltedFig

    Concierge ...

    New SoapMaking Calculator! (The concierge has gone for smoko, the place looked empty, so I thought I'd plonk a hello thread right about ... here :D) Hi! :)
  13. SaltedFig

    SMF April 2018 (Sous Vide Soap swirl) Challenge Entry Thread

    SMF April 2018 challenge Sous Vide Soap swirl Entry Thread Please enter two photo's, one of your soap and one of your process, with descriptions in this thread. Please keep write any comments on the challenge entries in the original challenge thread. Thank you all for taking part in this...
  14. SaltedFig

    Diluting absolutes

    Does anyone have any experience diluting (oil based) absolutes? I have one that I would like to dilute in an oil of some sort, to leave in a room (unwarmed) for scent. The oil would need to have next to no scent itself, and preferably be skin safe (just in case). Any suggestions?
  15. SaltedFig

    There's a praying mantis in my garden!

    In the bathroom today, I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. On the outside of my flyscreen, a pretty green mantis had come to hunt (moths often fly towards the light if I am in the bathroom when it's dark, so it's a great spot). I'm pretty happy about that (and it would explain...
  16. SaltedFig

    I'm so sorry Canada.

    For your loss. (As a sports loving nation ourselves, it is all over our news). :(
  17. SaltedFig

    Skin might not be the biggest organ in the body ...

    Interstitium is a game-changer, and skin might not be the biggest organ in the body... I hope you don't mind me taking your comment almost completely out of context, but this is so true! This was discovered very recently (the paper was published only a few days ago). Interstitium, the newest...
  18. SaltedFig

    SMF April 2018 Challenge - Sous Vide (HP) Soap swirling!

    Challenge – Sous Vide HP Soap Hi everyone and welcome to this month's soap challenge ... HP soaping in a bag, or Sous Vide HP. I think this is new (I have only seen soaps being melted in a bag for rebatching in the past) ... so it's a bit of a collective experiment as well as a challenge. The...
  19. SaltedFig

    Sous Vide HP (SVHP) experimental thread

    This is an experiment (attempt 1 of a new idea). I cut it too early (it was soft), and there's flaws (dots, spots and drags) that were mostly caused by me stopping to take photo's when I should have got on with what I was doing :) I'm after your opinion ... I've left the photo large, it's...
  20. SaltedFig

    Robert Tisserand webinar! Essential Oil Safety: Cutting through the noise"

    Robert Tisserand ( is hosting a free webinar session next week! Titled "Essential Oil Safety: Cutting through the noise" Registration is required.