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  1. KigerKat

    How do I make a whiter soap?

    I've made several batches now using a basic Palm, Coconut and Olive oil recipe, and they have all turned out to be a creamy color. I definitely don't have a problem with the creamy color, but I want to make a white batch of soap so that a swirled color will stand out more. Can I just use...
  2. KigerKat

    Made my second batch tonight - not looking good!!

    I poured it in the mold about 2 1/2 hours ago. I lifted the towel to take a peek (clear lid on top) and there is a bunch of oil pooling on the top and the mold feels much warmer than when I poured. The only thing I did differently between this batch and the first batch I did a couple of...
  3. KigerKat

    Am I ready??? (Pics added!)

    I've been doing M&P for about 6 weeks, and now I think I might want to try my hand at CP. I went out today and got some supplies to make a basic olive oil recipe (including safety gear), but I am wondering about molds. What are some of the things you guys use as molds? I would love to buy...
  4. KigerKat

    Business license?

    I've only been making soaps for about 6 weeks, and I have only done melt and pour. I've given away a lot of my soaps for people to try out, and I have gotten a lot of great feedback from them. Our neighborhood activities director and my husband both think that I should have a booth at our...
  5. KigerKat

    Where do you buy your supplies?

    I'm just starting to get into m&p soap making, and I'm wondering where a lot of you get your products. My local crafts store only carries one brand and doesn't really offer much of a selection, so I'm probably going to be looking at some online suppliers. This is just a hobby for me -...
  6. KigerKat

    Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain, GA

    I've just started browsing on this message board today as a newbie to the soap making world, and I thought I would check to see if anyone here is going to be at this year's festival. We go every year, but I don't recall seeing more than 1 or 2 soap booths. After seeing some of the photos...
  7. KigerKat

    Newbie here!!

    Hello, everyone! I've had a lot of friends recently tell me that they love handmade soaps and are always looking for places that sell them. I thought I would give this a try as gifts at first and then maybe try to sell some for a profit. There's a ton of websites about soapmaking, but I...