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  1. TheDebby

    Curing soap and sleeping in the same room

    This is a thing I really haven't thought about before: The soap I make I cure in the spare bedroom. Before I've used this mostly as storage room, but a few times a year someone sleeps there. It will probably take a little while before anyone sleeps over but just in case: Would there be a...
  2. TheDebby

    Fruit cocktail soap!

    Hello everyone! This soap I'm very stoked about sharing with you! The soaping process was a bit though, but I think I managed to make it into a good soap. What happened is that I added the FO oil to the soap just after emulsion, with the lightest trace possible. I thought that if I would mix...
  3. TheDebby

    Designing a soap for a wedding

    So.... I'm in the middle of attempting to design a soap for a wedding. My brother is getting married in December and I've been asked to make soap that will be given as a gift for the guest. I really want to share it with you, I can't share it with friends because it needs to stay a secret for...
  4. TheDebby

    How legal is it to gift a self made soap?

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask this but if not I'm sorry! I know a lot of you are from outside Europe but maybe someone could help me out. Let me explain my question: My brother is getting married in December (hopefully if it is possible with the virus). I've been asked to make...
  5. TheDebby

    Buyin soap loaf mold and soap cutter from EU

    Hello everyone! I'd like to buy a second loaf mold but I'm not sure where the best place is to buy this. The one I have right now might not be the best quality. I don't sell my soap (jet) so I don't need a large size. (although I might make a couple of soaps, my brother is getting married and...
  6. TheDebby

    The start of my CP color journey

    In the past I've made a couple of CP soaps and even HP. I used to make soap without any color and with very little scent. I've stopped making soap for a bit (a few years). Now that I've started again I am also adding color and trying to make pretty soap. So this is my first soap since I've...
  7. TheDebby

    Some improvement on my recipe is needed

    Hello everyone! I would like to ask some advice about the recipe I've used for my latest batch of soap. After two weeks of waiting I still had a lot of trouble getting it out of the mold. Once out of the mold I still had to wait a week or so to be able to cut. Also I got either some glycerin...
  8. TheDebby

    A few MP soaps I've made so far

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to show a few of my favorite MP soaps I've made so far. I thought it would be nice to share because I don't really know anyone who also makes soaps, I just wanted to show them off a little bit. The first attempt at MP soap: This one is in the shape of a D20...
  9. TheDebby

    Excited to be here!

    Hello everyone, My name is Deborah but my friends call me Debby, so please feel free to call me Debby. First off all I am very excited to have found this forum! I've made some CP and HP in the past (a couple of years ago), I never really made any designs back then. (no color just scents) The...