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    My Soapings

    This thread is like a handbook. A magnificent handbook of soapings. Get ready to experience the world of my soaps, because it's about to be unleashed like you've never seen before. You don't believe it, you say. Well, you best be believing it, and for your own good, my friend. Because after...
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    Cinnamon Festivus Bars = A success !

    Thought I lost this CP batch when all the sudden it got like lard consistency after 10min of stirring, so dumped it out and smeared it into its mold in a hurry (was originally going to just throw it ontop of pre-laid cinnamon streaks but didn't because of the rush), and then doused it with...
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    Can I stir with this hand powered blender?

    Or will too much air be introduced into the soap?
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    I made a great batch of HP soap - Can I do it CP though?

    If I do the same recipe I made for HP, will it work with CP? It may be a little different but is it doable? I have never done CP before. Thanks
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    The effects of water discounting

    Right now I have a recipe of 10% almond oil, 60% olive oil, and 30% coconut oil. The water to lye ratio is 2.664 when I choose 38% of oils as water weight. Lowering the ratio to 1.5:1 yields a lot less water required for the same recipe, taking it from 344g to about 200g or so. Are there...
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    It's Friday, time to make some Tea Tree Sage OO/CO Soap!

    So here is the plan: Just olive oil and coconut oil soap Sage leaves from the garden Tea Tree oil Not sure about the oils yet - 75% OO to 25% CO? 1-3% Tea Tree oil (maybe less, I don't have much) Sage leaves - as much as possible Probably powderized in a coffee grinder or very...
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    First TIME! using Neem Oil!!

    Ok, that was an intense soap session. 5pm-8 including cleanup. Any input would be greatly appreciated - there are some things that didn't seem to happen as conventionally compared to other batches. For the 4th batch of soap ever I decided to try Neem Oil. Had some laying around...
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    Coffee grounds in soap & their effect on pH

    I'm curious about this. Since most soap comes out basic (around pH 10? I don't know..) are there any known effects of coffee grounds and pH? You would think that the acidic nature of coffee could be used to neutralize soap to some extent. How much would be the hard part to determine...
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    Where do I get the tool to do this...

    You know, the squiggly tool. So far been using a soup can, which works but isn't the most convenient.
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    Anyone here have Neem Oil experience?

    I have this neem oil It's cold pressed from the Neem seed Thinking of making a 30% neem soap for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Plus, it's just lying around from being used as an insecticide for the garden, there's a good amount of it...
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    For HP: Adding EO: After trace, or after full gel?

    What do you prefer and why? Not sure what to do. This is what I can think of: Adding at trace pro -Easier to mix in evenly throughout the batch Adding at trace con -EO vaporizes out more, losing EO in the process (..and the opposite is true for adding at gel)
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    Any guidlines for adding Vitamin E Oil to soap?

    We have some "Vitamin E Oil" (Ingredients say Vitamin E + Coconut Oil + Soybean Oil) from Trader Joe's. This is the product - ... isturizers I know the coconut oil in it complicates things, but maybe we can assume it's just Vitamin E for now and...
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    Paper bag material for packaging? Eco-Friendly packaging..

    I've tried to search for the basics of packaging for soap. It seems like the main priority is breathability & moisture reduction. So I'm thinking of reusing some old paper bags that have been lying around. Biodegradeability & avoidance of plastics/inks/buying new material/etc is key...
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    1st timer with 30 days to make soap presents..need a recipe!

    Here are the constraints: I'm a first time soap maker Appx 30 days as of today before finished masterpieces are needed Going to use a crockpot, hot method No animal product No palm oil (environmental issues in the tropics) Mint essential oil is needed! Other than that, I'm just...
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    Going to make soap for the first time EVORRRRRrrrrrrr

    We got the 8 dollar crockpot Probably going to order some NaOH from Hand mixer should be easy to get, it doesn't have to be a stick mixer, right? [Edit: Answered here: ] I think we understand the basics of all of this. There were...
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    Never made soap before

    Helllooooooooooooooo SOAP WORLD !!!!! :D I registered because this board looked like it had a lot of helpful FAQs and stickies, and is active, it seems great. My awesomely amazing girlfriend looked into soapmaking, we really want to try it. Ideally I would like to do cold process so as...