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    Creative furniture painting

    I recently came into ownership of a bunch of old funriture - my sister (a collector of yard sale crap just married a rich man with lots of money and nice furniture) so she gave me a bunch of her old stuff she didn't need anymore. Most of it is simply wood furniture - night stands, bar stools...
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    I;m new

    Hello all. I've already made a few posts, but I guess I might as well formally introduce myself. I'm Ella (aka yellowflower). I like in Memphis. I've been making soap about a year and candles anout 4 months now. I;m jsut starting to dabble in other assorted bath/body products and have been...
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    Oatmeal Cinnamon Soap

    Ingredients: 7.8 oz wt Castor Oil 12.4 oz wt olive oil 12 oz wt safflower oil 38 oz wt Hydrogenated Soybean Oil 9.2 oz wt lard 30 fluid ounces water 10.08 oz wt lye 8 oz wt finely ground oatmeal was used as a filler 1...