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    Supplies in France or Switzerland

    Hello soaper friends! I recently moved to Geneva, Switzerland and I am looking for a place to order supplies from in Europe (preferably France or Switzerland). Any tips? Merci beaucoup !
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    Watermelon soap

    This was my first attempt at watermelon soap. My main takeaway is that it would look nicer in a taller mold. Also i tried to use to two different shades of green but swirled them too much and they became mixed.
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    Rose-scented Castille Soap

    Yay! Soapy friends! It’s CP but I CPOP’ed it. It’s scented with BB’s wild rose, and for the coloring just a sprinkle of rose gold mica from BB as well.
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    Rose-scented Castille Soap

    Made for a friend who wanted a floral scent
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    Tap vs. Distilled - NYC

    I just saw your post on your workstation setup! Fabulous! I wish I had such a cool space. Keep everything in a little ikea dresser in a corner of my bedroom! Re oils in bulk: whole foods sells a 67 oz container of olive oil for around 13$ dollars. That's pretty cheap! I use it for soaping and...
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    Tap vs. Distilled - NYC

    Hi! Fellow NYC-based soaper here! I've always used tap water for soaping. I figured it was okay, since the tap water here is so high quality. I've never really had an issue with it!
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    Castile Soap

    Thanks! The more I soap, the more I appreciate simplicity
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    Castile Soap

    Cut up some no frills castille soap, scented with Sweet Nectar and Hibiscus from BB.
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    BB’s Bergamot & Black Tea

    No, it soaped beautifully in that sense. It did mellow out eventually but it was still too perfume-y for my taste.
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    BB’s Bergamot & Black Tea

    Just cut this soap scented with BB’s Bergamot and black tea. It’s a bit strong and perfume-y. I don’t hate it; I just wish it was a bit more subtle. Will it mellow as it cures?
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Unmolded and cut my amethyst soap. Scented with BB’s Bergamot and Black Tea. It’s a bit strong and perfume-y. Will it mellow out as it cures?
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    Hello from NYC!

    Hello! I’m a beginner soaper making soaps in my teeny tiny NYC apartment. My latest creation is a HP castille soap (see pic!). Thinking of making a nice lard soap for valentine’s day!