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  1. 2lilboots

    Icky Oooo

    Last night my room mate gave me an aloe plant. ooooooooo! So.....there I was this morning scraping that snotty slime and stick blending it smooth so I could use it in.......what else........SOAP! I used Vanilla, Raspberry, and Jasmine FOs, and added a touch of Patchouli EO. I used some...
  2. 2lilboots

    Cut pics of Mother's Day Roses

    I think next time I will make smaller embeds. These seem to be a bit overwhelming for the overall affect. But they smell wonderful.
  3. 2lilboots

    Mother's Day Roses

    Yup this is why I piped my roses and leaves. I put the embeds in it, so that I cannot show until it is cut. I even put embeds in the cupcake! The roses and embeds I used the Rose Garden FO. The soap batter for the log soap and cupcakes I used FLower Garden FO. The scents really...
  4. 2lilboots

    Several Soaps

    I may have posted some of these before. I don't have memory that I used to. But I am working on so many different things, I tend to forgot what all I have done.
  5. 2lilboots

    Blackberry Merlot Wine Soap

    Ok I simmered the blackberry wine for 1/2 hour let it cool in fridge and added at trace. I used Berry Breeze and Pomegranite FO from ED. TD and Ultramarine Violet. Set up nice. Sitting patiently on my cutting board to be cut.
  6. 2lilboots

    Pink Roses and some more leaves

    I made embeds using toilet tissue cardboard molds(no pics). Then I piped some roses and leaves. I used my rose garden FO in them. I also made my wine soap, but I won't have pics of that til after i cut it. Now I am going to sew the rest of the day.
  7. 2lilboots

    Matching Outfit

    Okay I am having a lot of fun sewing up these tiny little cloth diapers. So this morning I decided to make a matching jumper to go with the diaper. Oh I can see the possibilities now!!!!!!!!
  8. 2lilboots

    Cloth Diapers For my Niece's Tot

    I used organic fabrics for the inner lining and soaker parts of the diaper. I used PUL as an inner shell and the outer shell is 100% cotton fabric. Two of the diapers have a cotton/hemp fleece liner, and 2 have a bamboo velour liner. The soaker fabric is cotton/hemp terry. It was a lot of...
  9. 2lilboots

    Lily Of the Valley Soap

    I just cut this soap yesterday. I used cocoa butter instead of shea butter this time. I bought the FO from ED (they call if Lily Valley) and it is awesome. Nice sweet and strong,soaped beautifully. I used an end piece in the shower today and it was wonderful!
  10. 2lilboots

    Pineapple, Coconut, Mango Soap

    This was the soap I made yesterday. I put mango butter into my basic recipe. I used pineapple, coconut, and mango FO in it. Smells so good. It did develop a small crack in the top when it went through gel stage, but nothing major. I did an annatto seed infusion with my lye/water solution...
  11. 2lilboots

    Hyper Nanny Goat and My Mother's Rose Garden.

    I have been soaping starved for weeks. Yesterday I was finally able to crack open my new bucket of coconut oil and soap away. I spent my time off of soaping by coming up with recipes and ideas for my upcoming soaps. My first soap is a Coffee Goats Milk soap. Brewed coffee, condensed goats...
  12. 2lilboots

    Parallel Patchouli

    I posted in another thread that the smell of ylang ylang was rather offensive to me.....but, I put litsa cubeba, geranium rose, patchouli, and ylang ylang in this bar and I think it smells great. I used a spirulina infusion for the green color, and cocoa powder for my lines.
  13. 2lilboots

    Going back to Pomace Olive Oil

    I stopped using the Pomice OO when I was able to find regular OO at wally world cheaper than ordering OO(due to shipping). I notice my soap batters are more yellow, and that tends to turn all my purple colorants gray. Even my ultramarine violet. So I am going back.:Kitten Love:
  14. 2lilboots

    Yesterday's Soap

    These are the soaps I made yesterday. The first one I made was supposed to be a ITP swirl of purple, yellow, green, and a small bit of black (alkanet, annatto, spirulina, and activated charcoal). It did not work out as planned. I used amazingly grace FO in it. It smells great just looks...
  15. 2lilboots

    Not a very good day.

    I got up this morning with all intent to soap all day. I had everything ready and was raring to go... Then I got a txt msg, then a voice mail. Tragic news an unexpected death in the family. For some reason the msg and the phone call didn't come thru my phone last night when they were placed...
  16. 2lilboots

    Lavender Luxury Bar

    This is a very plain jane soap bar. I infused my alkanet root with the OO for the recipe. I do like how the colorant turned out. I used the FO Lavender Luxury.
  17. 2lilboots

    Lining your Cylinder Molds a picture tutorial

    1. Draw around the opening of container on wrong side of freezer paper. 2. Draw a larger circle around your first circle. 1/2" wider for small molds, 1" for PVC or oatmeal container molds. 3. Cut out circle. Cut notches to the inner circle. Remember to snip just slightly...
  18. 2lilboots

    My latest Soaping Adventures

    The first pic is a soap I made for my mom using the Chanel #5 FO. I didn't use any colorants in this soap. The second pic is a Lavender, Anise, Litsea Cubeba, and Camphor EO scented soap using Alkanet, Annatto, and Activated Charcoal as colorant. The third pic is my Peppermint, Eucalyptus...
  19. 2lilboots

    Dr Oz talking about Red Palm Oil

    Dr. Oz just said that RPO helps lower fat tissue concentration and lowers cholesterol. 2 Tbsn per day helps speed up metabolism and helps burn fat. Add it to oatmeal, spread it on english muffins, put it on sweet potatoes. You can cook with it as well and the benefits do not get destroyed...
  20. 2lilboots

    The UPS person is torturing

    They keep stopping in front of the house, and then running next door with packages...... Don't they know I am waiting on a package as well. ARGH! This is such torture.....:(