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  1. K

    Has this CO gone bad?

    I ordered coconut oil which arrived completely liquified even at room temperature and its color is unmistakably yellow! Has it deteriorated? Should I throw it out? Thanks for your help!
  2. K

    Help with soda ash

    Hi! I recently made indigo-colored bars, which upon unmolding had considerable soda ash! I’d like to know your thoughts on what to correct for future batches. Thanks in advance! My recipe: Beeswax .48 oz (3%) Indigo-infused Almond oil 4 oz (25%) Castor oil .80 oz (5%) Tallow 7.52 oz (47%)...
  3. K

    Is Titanium dioxide natural?

    Hi, Is titanium dioxide considered a natural substance?
  4. K

    Jasmine EO/absolute?

    My mom loves Jasmine and I made her a soap with what I thought was Jasmine essential oil. Its scent did come through beautifully however I wish to make it stronger. Do you have any suggestions on an EO that would enhance the Jasmine? I’m looking for something that would quietly contribute...
  5. K

    Clay slurries and scent

    Is soaking your EO in a clay creating a slurry worth doing to best retain scent? If so, when should I add the slurry: To the melted oils? I feel that would cause the Eo to evaporate, no? Or should I add it at trace so saponification is well underway? I don’t want lose the scent of precious...
  6. K

    Question on clays

    Is there any difference between Moroccan (red) clay, Kaolin coral clay and Brazilian red clay?
  7. K

    Should I?

    I have what looks like red clay from Zion National Park. It is supposed to be high in iron oxides naturally. Is it safe to use in soap? I’m hoping it makes naturally red soap.
  8. K

    Brazilian black clay vs bentonite clay

    Is there a difference between Brazilian black clay and bentonite clay? Also, where can I find Brazilian black clay? Do you think a combination of Brazilian black clay and a small amount of activated charcoal would produce a truly black soap with white suds?
  9. K

    Rendering tallow

    Would those of you who render tallow be able to tell me what this middle layer is? Here’s a pic with an obvious top fat layer. The bottom layer is water. But what’s the middle layer? So you know I did SB the original beef fat when it was first melting. Thanks in advance for your input!
  10. K

    Hello from Orange County!

    Hello all, I’m another newbie experimenting with CP and maybe someday soon LS! I love that SMF exists. I’ve already leant alot from older posts. Thanks!