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    Bath bomb help

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !! the potassium bitartrate is known as cream of tartar right? what does it exactly do in bath bombs? :) Also, any reason using cocoa butter instead of witch hazel? and what if I feel the mixture is too dry, what to use? water?
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    Bath bomb help

    Hi. 1200g bicarb 600g citric acid 20g slsa 2TB carrier oil 1TB witch hazel 1t LPB Wilton colorant I think that's it, and if i feel the texture is too dry, a couple of spritz of witch hazel.
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    Bath bomb help

    Hi guys! I'm new here and wanna get help. I've made bath bombs for a couple of months, but got some problems on making this. I always try to set the humidity as 40 % when I make bath bombs and dry it in 40% of humidity as well. it drys perfectly but when I test it in water, it doesn't really...