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    Good Gravy! Shipping cost at Soaper's Choice, Whattttttt??????

    Soaper's Choice has never been a disappointment for oils. Shipping is going up for all carriers. My order is most always delivered the next day. One plus for me is if I want to drive into the Chicago area, I can pick up oils at their warehouse. About 165 miles for me.
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    Holidays in the time of Covid

    To BattleGnome - I couldn't agree with you more about Wisconsin. I am a resident of Wisconsin and people wearing masks varies from county to county. I don't understand what is so difficult about putting on a mask. In my county, 300 people walked in to a county board meeting to complain...
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    Purity of "Instant Power Crystal Lye Drain Opener"?

    When I started making soap I ordered lye by the case from Ace Hardware. For the past 6 years I have been using 100% lye from The Boyer Corporation in La Grange, IL They sell in bulk or 12 - 2 lb containers in a case. I trust their quality
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    Customer Issue

    The jar had residue under the threads. I would guess that it was at least 1-1/2 years old. I always tell customers that it has a shelf life of 6 to 9 months. I use Optiphen for a preservative. It did have distilled water in it along with the oils & butters. This is the first jar that has...
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    Customer Issue

    I had a customer hand me a jar of cream on Saturday telling me it didn't smell right. I opened it and it didn't smell anything like the fragrance listed. I just told her I would replace it by the end of this week. I always try to go with "the customer is always right" although, we all know...
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    Anyone in the Madison WI area interested in free supplies?

    I also live near Madison, WI. I make and sell soap at Farmers Markets in the Jefferson County area. What do you have available?
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    Patchouli Blend Ideas

    I have mixed patchouli with raspberry FO and also honeysuckle FO. I don't like the straight patchouli but my customers do so I do make it. Just don't like the smell during cure.
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    What to do with those ugly end bits?

    I put a bunch of end pieces in snack bags with my business card last week at a market. I offered them as free soap samples and they disappeared very quickly. Usually family gets these pieces but sometimes there are just too many.
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    What Are You Watching?

    Yes it is very addicting. I bought the book as well.
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    What Are You Watching?

    I am enjoying watching Kurt Seyit ve Sura. It is a true story written by the granddaughter of Kurt Seyit. The language is Turkish with English sub-titles. Set in Russia in 1913 (Bolshevik revolution).
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    Piping Rock EOs and herbs

    I have purchased oils from them until in July of 2017. I ordered three bottles of rosemary EO. Smelled nothing like what rosemary should smell like. I contacted them and was told by a customer service representative that this was the way all rosemary EO smelled. No more orders to them!
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    Less oily body butter please!

    I find that just oil right after my shower works wonderful on my skin. I use either meadowfoam, grapeseed or sweet almond oil. Apply right after your shower and it soaks in pretty quickly. My grandson has eczema and the dermatologist has said that you have 3 minutes after your shower or bath...
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    Wisconsin Bath Bomb news story

    I need to rant a bit. Last Saturday I was at a craft fair selling my soap and lotions. Directly behind me was a booth with hand knitted items and bath bombs. They were displayed in large glass jars. No packaging, vivid colors, and a not so pleasant smell when they opened the jars to sell. I...
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    Getting into Bottles

    Thank you for the replies. I thought I was watching the temperatures but it got thick fast. I do like the idea of the Gempler pitchers. I have ordered from them before.
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    Getting into Bottles

    I wanted to put lotion in 4 oz bottles and it got too thick before I poured it. I tried many ways but finally ended up putting the lotion in a zip lock bag and cutting a small hole in one end and squeezed it into bottles. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    Colloidal Silver

    I was approached by a customer asking me if I would be interested in using colloidal silver in my soap. He explained that it was antibacterial. I told him that I sell a lot of tea tree oil soap and that it is antibacterial. I also told him that I would research this. Has anyone ever used the...