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  1. sophiayun

    A soap as a drug? From a local soap maker.

    @AliOop Oh thank you! I was searching in Amazon, wow these lards are very expensive online. I will double check with Target and Walmart. Sure I will post my first lard soap and how it feels!! haha XD already excited to try new ingredients
  2. sophiayun

    A soap as a drug? From a local soap maker.

    Wow that is great recipe! I honestly never tried lard before, I'm afraid of the smell of animal fats, but I should definitely try it before the year ends. Thank you so much for your recipe, I will try it for my two little babies Where can I get good quality, deordorized, refined lard in CA...
  3. sophiayun

    A soap as a drug? From a local soap maker.

    Haha not really. It was too soft and I could see the soap was just melting away at one time use. Definitely MP soaps with some herbal additives. :( Not worth $15. The thing is the company is in United States, soaps are sold from their location, not dropshipped from Korea. The owner said she...
  4. sophiayun

    A soap as a drug? From a local soap maker.

    Ahhhh... But even though the soaps are imported from Korea, they are still required to follow FDA regulations since the sales occur in United States, right? No offense to any Korean people, I'm native Korean too. It's just... I cannot believe these people put out that 'cure for diseases' card...
  5. sophiayun

    A soap as a drug? From a local soap maker.

    I think this company is in United States. It's just not in English, they are in California. Hmmm That is exactly what I have known and believed. Pheww. I don't know how these people can claim the cure of diseases. :(
  6. sophiayun

    A soap as a drug? From a local soap maker.

    Hello dear soap makers My son has a severe eczema and I recently received a gift for my son. It is very thankful but, the soap doesn't mention any ingredients list, just says something like this soap is good for several skin conditions. So I went into their website to find out more about the...
  7. sophiayun

    Soap for Eczema

    My kid has eczema, we've been using all kids of soaps and herb soaps herbal salt... Nothing really doesn't seem to cure him but, using natural soap does little help due to less ingredients he gets on his skin. But what really helps him is the lotion. Basic lotion with oatmeal collaterals 2-3%...
  8. sophiayun

    clay mask stings a little

    I agree with justjacqui I had a burning sensation on my face when I used store bought wash off face mask, it was due to preservatives they use. :(
  9. sophiayun

    Best Chelator/anti DOS ingredients

    Please post the experiments and share how it goes! I would like to see the results
  10. sophiayun

    Coloring (and using) Melt and Pour

    I would like to see how you like the result, would mp embeds stay better that way? 🥺
  11. sophiayun

    Best Chelator/anti DOS ingredients

    Wow 🥺🥺 thank you! I now can calculate estimated value!
  12. sophiayun

    Best Chelator/anti DOS ingredients

    I read a thread on using a vinegar for acid trick for chelator, can we use a lemom juice or lime juice as well? Lemon juice has a citric acid, containing 1.44 and 1.38 g/oz, much less than citric acid itself but easy to buy from grocery stores. But the result would be inaccurate since we don't...
  13. sophiayun

    How can you avoid inhaling Lye fumes?

    I use iced water all the time to avoid coughing too! It's so easy now to use sodium hydroxide now. Temp doesn't drop that low anyway, iced water is recommended
  14. sophiayun

    How do I get my soap to harden in the mold

    Maybe the soap batch didn't get to emulsion? I had that one time and it was too soft even after two days. Did you see the trace? How long has the soap been in the mold?
  15. sophiayun

    Pouring Temperature.

    Your design is very cute! And I agree with you, lower than 130 F tents to get solidified before I even try to pour. I try to keep the temperature around 140-160 too
  16. sophiayun

    Crochet Afghan Finished

    I love it, wow! So beautiful
  17. sophiayun

    My first CP soap loaf haha

    Ohhhh no metal! Thank you I will put some cotton mesh I use for cooking ohhhh and thank you for the tip for sensitive skin. I want to try the olive castile soap too at some point. Haha.
  18. sophiayun

    My first CP soap loaf haha

    I've only made some candles and MP soaps But wow CP is too much, I'm still learning here though I'm glad I finished my first loaf of CP soap! There's lots to learn Phewww Hopefully I can make my own recipe some time for my kids having a really bad eczema.